Questions to ask each event participant

In every event there are many people, conversations and opportunities for collaboration that you easily miss even if you were in the same room. If each participant contributes notes from the event, then everyone can be sure that they did not miss something important, access different perspectives and easily find and re-connect with people across mutual interests after the event. After the event we will produce two things. A directory of who was there and a nice report presenting the key learnings like this one we made for a previous event:

@matthias: how to embed the report so it can be browsed directly here? The embed code seems not to do this…

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Here is how to access the directory of participants and the report:

  1. Make sure you have the right settings in your email so that notifications do not end up in the trash folder of your inbox // need instructions here @matthias
  2. Create an account on
  3. Create a new topic in this forum and answer the questions that will pop up there

Please do this before you leave the event, so that the team can quickly produce the booklet and share it with you!

@matthias can you help make each new topic created in this category include these questions in the WYSIWYG editor?

1. What was covered in this event? Please be as detailed as possible and include everything you remember!

2. Which questions or topics would you like to explore further?

3. Is there anything you would like to continue discussing with others? Any idea or potential project that you would like to work on with others? Or maybe even an event you would like to happen next year?

4. Can you tell us a little about yourself so we know what to include in the directory of participants of the event?

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So all participants should fill in those 4 questions?

yes : here

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Done now. If you want to adapt the text later, you can just go to the category’s overview page, click :wrench: Edit and then go to tab “Topic Template”.

To make iframe embeds work, they first have to be whitelisted. Did it for, and lo and behold, it even works. (See your post above and also in this topic.)

For GMail addresses, you could adapt something from these instructions. We have these issues only with GMail addresses (that I know of), so that would be ≥95% of the solution …

ok cool - another question how to make a +new topic button that opens a new topic inside a specific category @matthias?

For a button, that seems possible and is not difficult (I’ll have to adapt the theme somewhat). But note that buttons can only appear at certain positions, and inside a topic content is not one of them.

If you want something to appear inside a topic, we’d rather need a link. Didn’t look if that’s possible yet.

So where do you want the button to appear?

On the category description ^^

Ah, ok. That case we already solved earlier by modifying Discourse so that the category description now includes the “About the … category” topic in full. You just need to set a category image to activate that feature.

I did so for the Festival Documentation 2019 category, and now the text in there applies because the usual “+ New Topic” button is in place:

Click on the + New Topic button below to open a new rich text editor.

That’s what you wanted? (If so, just set a better category logo image and it’s good to go.)

ioooh no I meant in the sense that it is a link that opens a new topic window directly when you click on it, not a reference to what the button below that people should klick on looks like.

Ok, I’ll try that tomorrow.

(I won’t have more than 30 mins for this tomorrow, so if it turns out to need more time, you’d have to live with the current situation until I am done with the … other urgent :bangbang: urgent :bangbang: Edgeryders IT tasks.)

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You were lucky. It’s possible and took 18 minutes. Check the “About the … category” topic or the category page for the link and try it. (The category page may need a Shift + F5 reload to show the updated content to you.)

If you want to change the pre-filled text of the topic in the editor, you’ll now have to adapt both the topic template and the link.

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