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Resilient Livelihoods

Register your interest now for the Resilient Livelihoods program, coordinated by Edgeryders.{style=“width: 70%”}

3 June - 23 December {class=“event_date”}

Multiple locations + Online {class=“event_location”}

Free of Charge {class=“event_other”}

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This initiative is for you if you are interested in co-creating Ecosystems of economic resilience and regeneration, that place the reins to shared prosperity firmly in your hands.{class=“info”}


We want to secure resilient lives and livelihoods for us the 99.999%, especially in the face of systemic shocks like the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-advancing climate crisis. To that end, this program is a series of activities aimed at discovering and co-creating experimental new social, economic and business models. A reframing of livelihood generation from a lonely, competitive activity, to one that is collaborative, sustainable and accessible to all. The perfect time and place to ‘find the others’, and grow personally, professionally and socially.

Register your interest now to join us online and at a location near you.

The Resilient Livelihoods program is organised by Edgeryders, in collaboration with…you. {style=“font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.3rem; line-height: 2rem”}

It forms part of Edgeryders mission to support work towards more resilient futures. You can learn more about Edgeryders here and follow our policy and strategy work at the Edgeryders research institute.

Featured Participants


Participants are exploring experimental models for the future of making a living, prepare policymakers and activists as well as strengthen ecosystems across key topics. Click a topic to find out more and join in a discussion on our Community Platform.{style=“width: 70%”}


Join our community

What does it mean to build resilient livelihoods? Who is already doing promising work? What is missing in order for them to live up to their full potential? Join the conversation ahead of the Summit and connect with peers experimenting alternatives around the globe.{style=“width: 75%”}

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Community Conversations

You can help

Get in touch. Edgeryders can support the work of changemakers in more than 80 countries because people like yourself support us with knowledge, contacts and resources.{style=“width: 75%”}

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