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updates for next week

updates from Noemi

just to keep it in one place I’m copying it here

"So for the next week I suggest a 2 day push for each Spot the Future workshop, which means promoting

  1. (permanently)

  2. specific event page: + posts we have in each country no matter under which theme group

Example for the next days:

GEORGIA - event + post on women hacktivists + We the People which is the dedicated campaign in this country (see the updated calendar).

Then we move on with ARMENIA - event + upcoming posts + Making a Living

This is because I think we need a big push on events over the next week since they’re fast approaching rather than pushing campaign-wise. "

Guys the accounts were unmanned today, what’s up?

No FB, Twitter or Linkedin updates today other than the ones I did…we cannot afford to miss entire days when we race agianst the clock. So who is taking charge of the social media accounts? It is crucial that accounts are not unmanned daytime in Europe.

Noemi I’m scheduling the tweets & status updates today on all ER

accounts. So you don’t need to worry about it. <3 cc @noemi

On my side - some online help needed

On my side - besides attempts to access hackers of different kind and build trust for engaging them in Edgeryders, I am also trying to reach spaces and people which are not connected to internet well or anyhow, like those in rural areas, some quite remote. I am thinking about a new strategy to get local Armenian people into Edgeryders: can we try to do the following?:
I collect the links of the most well-known and active Armenian Facebook groups and pages, share them here, and whoever else wants to post inviting announcements / messages from the name of Edgeryders - can do it, while I will be helping people by translating those posts in case if necessary? This is to save some time and energy that I can dedicate to communicating with people on more specific questions which seem to be unavoidable (somehow after all the very brief intro texts I sent to people almost everyone writes a personal message asking "so can you tell in brief what is this about?". This means I am either discovering a new side of Armenian mentality or the Edgeryders website is not enough user-friendly:) Can be both:)
I will share some of those famous facebook groups here once I hear you guys like the idea. Now collecting them.

Go for it

Also good to keep in mind is that UNDP CO in Armenia covers ground travel in Armenia for those who wish to attend the workshop if Im not mistaken. Check with @george to be sure.

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good ideas

I have already said that, but posting here too, - all seem to be good ideas, and let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

Here they are - the groups! 1st load

“Dingo Animal Lovers” 

This group is for those who are ready to actively help saving the lives of street animals.

“Vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, prana eaters - breatharians of Armenia”

“The New Realities of Early Stage Funding: Super Angels and the Startup Landscape”

“Events in Yerevan”

“D&D Studio”

D&D Studio does professional photo sessions, the financial income of which goes to fund Dingo Animal Lovers club which cares for street animals.

“Himalayan Yoga in Armenia”

Yoga, meditation, Holistic health, artivism, trips to nature, establishment of an eco-community in Armenia

"Tie and Wind"
Creative cycling / small scale critical masses in official clothing, to change the mindsets of Armenians about cycling to workplace.
"Don't buy. Exchange!"

Exchanging things, gift economy.

"Amateur Cycling Federation"
"Armenian Wikipedia"
"Save Kessab"
"Initiative to support Armenians living and struggling in Kessab city in Syria"
"Night Biking"
Creative cycling initiative - cycling at nights and meeting the sunrise + yoga
this is for now, I will keep digging more.
What you can do is requesting to become members in these groups and then posting in english and I can then comment with armenian translation of what you posted under your posts. 
Shall we try?

Reply with links :slight_smile:

almost everyone writes a personal message asking “so can you tell in brief what is this about?”. This means I am either discovering a new side of Armenian mentality or the Edgeryders website is not enough user-friendly:) Can be both:)

I think it’s neither, @vahagn. We all are still negotiating an etiquette for computer-mediated interaction, not just Armenians. Most people, on receiving a personal message, will reply with another personal message! You can “write in brief what this is about” (you probably have already) put it on a page on the funnel website (you probably have done this already as well) and respond to these requests with a link to that page. Initialy you can follow up with people, to make sure your explanation is clear, and improve it on the basis of the feedback you get. Eventually, the text will do all the explaining by itself.


You’re right, thanks for your input Alberto. But even after getting a link people mostly still ask questions:) This is funny. But I am thinking of better ways to help them learn more with shorter messages. This is a nice challenge at the end.

Ok, I will soon post here some of the links I mentioned.

and I will check with @george what you said. Thanks Nadia!

Video content

“Perhaps we need to make it easier to live outside the market system for those who so chose”- TEDx Talk by Nadia EL-Imam

“success in this Edgeryders thing is if we can provide our own infstrucutre to support us regardless of what governments can or cannot provide”-  Alberto, Arthur, Mattias, Nadia and Noemi describe Edgeryders

“I think we are the point where we can stop complaining and start looking for solutions”- Anthony, Pedro and Henri on the challenges facing democracy

“The most significant thing for us was that the Acta were organised by regular people we had never heard of before” - Michal on being at the center of the Anti Acta storm in Poland

“I was able to buy and apartment and have some vision of the future after I turned 50” - Gilda on transitioning to a stable adult life

“I got my first job, fell in love with someone 10 years older than me and started working for an NGO”- Emilie on a crucial period in her transition to adulthood

“Why everyone is a social designer” Tiago Dias Miranda at TEDx Gundeldingen

“My journey through Iran made me question many things about freedom” - Asta on couchsurfing and hitchhiking in Iran

“Designing Collective intelligence” - Alberto Cottica TEDx Bologna talk

“We built it, the ball is in your court now”- Nadia presenting the Edgeryders community and company at Partnership for Change in Oslo

posting :slight_smile:

the TEDx talk for the morning :slight_smile:

Visual Materials

Hi Everyone I have put up a google folder where we can post and download visual and press material.

@saidhamideh I know you are not working on spot the future, but could I bother you to move the beautiful cc photos you aggregated into this folder so they are made use of?



shortening the URLs

Hi everyone,

I am now translating the tweets into Armenian and have a challenge keeping them within 140 characters limit, because Armenian words and phrases are longer and it affects the content when I try to shorten them and keep the links as they are, sometimes too long. What I suggest is to use the URL shortener link, for example. Just now made one experiment, got a good result:


206 characters - Սիրում ենք EDGERYDERS-ի Հայաստանի, Եգիպտոսի ու Վրաստանի մեր առաջին ծրագրերը, ու շնորհակալ ենք @UNDP CIS-ին աջակցության համար!

140 characters: -Սիրում ենք EDGERYDERS-ի Հայաստանի, Եգիպտոսի ու Վրաստանի առաջին ծրագրերը:Շնորհակալ ենք @UNDP CIS-ին աջակցության համար!

same tweet:)

Guess it won’t help

Twitter now uses their own URL shortener automatically, even if showing a longer URL in the tweets (so that in total, the displayed characters can even be more than 140). I propose to agree with the team to limit the English tweets to some shorter length (say, 110 characters).

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we could use some even shorter short links if there is such possibility ?

does anyone know of anything like this?

problem indeed, also in georgia

It’s also problematic for georgian, as in Georgian you need more words to describe the same thing, but I have been able to handle it so far.

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shorten your links here

Hi @dorotea,

I guess you know about this one:

it’s really helpful for me.