Social Media Outreach - Week of May 30th

Hello everyone, thanks for an enjoyable weekend and to Mattheo for the workshop.

This week I’ll be pushing out links to the OpenCare related project Open Insulin and the Reagent Lab in Ghent. @WinniePoncelet if you have any new stuff to share about this project, even from outside of the Edgeryders community, let me know.

  • ReaGent: Bringing quality biology education to every child equally -
  • Open Insulin -
  • How Open Insulin works to open-source science and medicine -
  • Open Insulin - Educational Outreach -
  • Insulin/diabetes situation in Belgium (EU) -
  • Meet the Edgeryders | Winnie Poncelet - openscience, engineering, diy biomaterials and interdisciplinary collaboration -
  • On microfluidics & data -

We’re trying overall to look at how to boost OpenCare related traffic over different channels, using graphics and banners to raise awareness of the event on blog posts. Video posts are particularly popular so if anyone has short 60 second clips related to OpenCare or the Edgeryders community, and that are shareable, please let me know.

Finally, hopefully we will start sending the newsletter from the Gmail account (thanks to the MixMax newsletter plugin suggested by @Nadia) once I have an address to use (@Matthias).

We have the usual community call on Wednesday, where Nadia will briefly talk about her upcoming pitch in Madrid - and @Noemi helped put together a cool recap of last week’s call here.

That’s it from me, any questions, comments or suggestions for posts this week always welcome, as usual below. Have a great week!

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Adding the call

Hi Owen, maybe also include the call for the open science theme:

This is also the most relevant one to share. I’ve seen the older proposal pop up, but it is not so well suited anymore I think.

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Cheers Winnie.

Train delays

Was hoping to be at stable WiFi at 6pm but there are train delays here

A few requests

Hi Owen, was good to have the opportunity to meet in person.

So a few things

  1. CountOnMe daily headlines vs weekly newsletter.   I’m not seeing a lot of sharing/tweeting from other accounts than er and 2-3 other ones. We should at least be seeing this from the Fellows/people hosting sessions - what do you think @Noemi ? Can we have a comparison of effectiveness

  1. Images in status updates. My bet is that the ones with nice images (top example in screenshot betwlo) do much better than ones without (bottom example). Could you try this for each status update this week and compate results ? Flyers, nice photos etc.

  1. What happened on May 30-31? It seems visits and conversions went up significantly, and then slowed down during the rest of the week.

Also, we seem to be getting more visits from google search…So worthwhile to pay attention to tagging up posts properly.

  1. Please make sure weekly community call events and daily reminders go out on all our channels. 

  1. Stats for effectiveness of newsletters and status updates for the last week…