Who you will meet at OPENVILLAGE and how we’re doing open programming!

Notes from our community call yesterday, contributed by Alex, Noemi & co. Edit the wiki to correct or add things we missed!

Community members Gehan, Winnie, Noemi, Alberto, Steve…

Simon in Lancaster, North of England: “how can people provide for their wellbeing in a p2p way, that works along with a consensus community self governance?”

Doing cohousing and interested in technical ideas; experienced in governance and also how to deal with community care and self care within communities. Lives in a setup with 41 households, an ecological house. Member of a tech cooperative doing learning technology; technical standardization; experience in consensus governance. Cohousing is less intense than a commune: interested in governance and wellbeing side of that, various aspects of therapy.

At #OpenVillage: for a session what I would need is an conversation with other people, to talk it through. Winnie: The Reef is already being prototyped in Brussels, talk to @Nadia &co. There’s maybe already some questions that have turned up that you could shed some light on, Simon?

Alberto Rey: “[in Nepal] we tried to show which NGOs have been effective and provided clean water and link to policies where the government hasn’t been able to provide”

Based outside of Buffalo in NYC, artist, professor, flyfishing guide. Water and communities through arts projects. Worked in Kathmandu looking at the story of a river as one of the holiest bodies in Nepal. Pollution and importance. How do they come together. At OpenVillage hopes to forge links to build similar services to other groups. Making complicated issues more accessible. Bringing the stories and projects together and building a network of interest and potential clients for the same work - through exhibitions, publications, videos, documentaries.

At #OpenVillage he’s interested to host a panel session on clean water, where invited experts speak and then open it to new people; problem is many are in Kathmandu and harder to get them to Brussels. Winnie: “there’s an active subscene in DIYbio working on water quality. diy analysis methods, open source hardware. Will look up contacts in Lausanne, Switzerland”

Bernard in Galway, Ireland: "arts is a big thing for the group, and culture is important for ecology building"

Designer nurse and community growing, a BA in business enterprise and community development, volunteers in a school garden. Outdoor classrooms. Making rural areas more part of the community. Coliving, co working and retreat, mixing mental health, art therapy, yoga/movement and ecology. Beginning to step into Open Source. In last weeks they did a project where they went to visit Cregg Castle (unused): framed as unMonastery, a co-living and coworking retreat over a short period, through the European Capital of Culture 2020 which Galway won. “My problem is I do too many things” :slight_smile:

At #OpenVillage he doesn’t know what he is able to host, as he’s just out of running an event locally. Most relevant is unMonastery.

Steve (on-the-move) in the UK: “you can treat lots of people at a fairly low cost”

An acupuncture practitioner; holistic fitness and practices of working with the body, relaxation and breath work, Tai Chi, Hichibuku… and others. Started his own clinic initially around Dartmoor in SouthWest of England, but will have a new one up and running in the summer as he’s moving to Bridport. Also shows how it can be useful for people with mental health

At #OpenVillage wants to do more than a presentation, a demo: actually treat someone and demonstrate how healthcare can work in its more traditional model - more attention to human care. Alex: “I’d love to see you run the space for people in the morning and then perhaps in th afternoon do a presentation about the process. That way you will have people in the room who have also experienced it”.

Also, walk the talk - make sure onsite there’s a little space built in for people to take care of themselves. Alex: I’d like to see if we could set up something like this: https://harrygiles.org/portfolio/chill-out-corner/

Winnie in Ghent, Belgium: “..because science education is so outdated”

Bio lab and bio space. Open to public. Developing Educational non-profit in the community to push science education to under resourced groups. Helping researchers and orgs to communicate better with each other and public. Generally interested in sustainable models for running a physical community space.

For OpenVillage he is curating and looking for people to introduce projects on citizen science and open science, starting with the OpenInsulin global team which he is coordinating in Europe.

Alex Levene in Bedford, UK: “we need to ensure that the communities that we work with are represented within any discussions around refugee care and support”

Creative producer, working in theatre. I write and perform poetry, as well as storytelling and playing games. EdgeRyders and OpenVillage ties in with my work with refugees. I’m a Regional Co-Ordinator for Help Refugees, UK’s largest Grassroots charity working with refugees in Europe and ME. My interest is in how communities and groups are approaching grassroots and how community led organisations are looking to deal with refugees and asylum seekers within communities around Europe.

For OpenVillage session(s) “for me useful things would be: connections with on-the-ground refugee organisations working in/around Brussels”

Shajara in California: “Will be in South Korea in October, but sure I may come to OpenVillage Fest” :slight_smile:

An American-Egyptian, into educational partnerships on the edge and data analytics for evaluation. Helps run a mental health support programme for students, as he is enrolled himself at the online Minerva university in Buenos Aires, in a 4 years program where the first six months are in Argentina, then one gets to move in seven different countries, from US all the way to Europe and Asia.

Steps forward: make sure our upcoming Festival captures this richness of ideas and the great work people are doing.

Contribute to our Open Programming spreadsheet to make sure you’re part of the official program and you get the logistics in place, as well as being on track for travel support if you need it.

If you’re new to Edgeryders and not sure how to get started, just leave a comment below, or come to our next community call on Wednesday, at 18:00 PM CET HERE.

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Your thoughts from yesterday? What next for you?

@albertorey , @steveweaver , @Alex_Levene , @Shajara , @asimong , @Bernard ?

@WinniePoncelet and @Gehan , can we work on the spreadsheet to make sure all (ongoing and new) sessions are followed up with curation support and send in the required info? Your names are added in the Curators column (tentatively, but you can drop some, or shift them around). Feel free to contact people through their user profiles or direct email.  From previous experience, I expect some will drop out, some will move forward. This is just a starting point… You might want to consider pinning down your own (flagship) session based on your current proposals + bring forward new sessions led by your network/ other people who you will engage with the festival. Let me know how to help?

@Nadia can you let us know when other incoming curators are confirmed? Or just add them here :slight_smile: Super thanks.

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Different levels

Still feeling stupid for thinking the time difference worked the wrong way round!

Thanks for the extensive notes. Good to be able to catch up. As I’m reading through - seeing multiple different levels; some getting in to quite a bit of detail and then bigger patterns, themes - kind of at a meta-level. All seem necessary. In your experience of running these events in the past - is there a useful way to work on multiple levels - perhaps reflecting them in the programming but also how the event/learning/outcomes are captured?

I should have things in place at my organisation to fill some of my current duties soon and will be more available to input.

Catch you at the call next week (correct time!) g

Ongoing exploration

Hi @Gehan happy that you find it useful.

I see your point - the different (concrete and meta) levels for going about a session on care depend a lot on where participants come from. I think they are both valuable and there is a lot of flexibility in the format - from project demos to open conversations, to actual explorative/work sessions.

  1. the more concrete and detailed ones would definitely benefit from curation to ask questions above the project’s worthy achievements.

2) the more meta and patterns discussions could use curation to get to a solid framing where others could plug in. A very useful example from a past event is a session which was prepared ahead like a collection of viewpoints on how communities organise around and steward material assets - people would be reporting from their own experiences, but coordinated ahead so that the facilitator could see how they fit into each other. There is documentation from it.

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I’m back in action and following up on the call of Wednesday. The spreadsheets looks good and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the projects that fit the citizen science theme, to pick up the discussion. I’ll also reach out to people/projects that I think might be interesting to participate in the discussion.

I’ll also contact the people who have made proposals directly to flesh out concrete session ideas.

As I was thinking about the proposal of handling data, I was reminded of a major Belgian organisation that supports social projects: Sociale Innovatiefabriek. They have a good overview of projects, plenty of expertise and are based in Brussels. Perhaps it would be interesting to involve them? Also regarding the idea to have a more solid local anchor for Edgeryders/The Reef. @Noemi | @Alberto

Hm, did we connect with them last year?

Thanks for getting back on this one… Looking forward!

@Gehan and @WinniePoncelet in so far as curation is concerned we promised to get back with other names to support the work, but we will need to have a process so that they come in when their skills are most valuable: have a look here? Courtesy of @Nadia and her contacts, and more to come <3

@ireinga do you remember if we reached out to the Soc Innovation Factory before LOTE5 last year? I know we talked about it…

hoping i will be part of this amazing team