SPF Ethnography: a draft report presentation

Are you interested in what challenges do young people face in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia? Do you want to know what are your colleagues from other countries discussing on Spot The Future forums? Do you want to know patterns and similarities that unites young Armenians, Egyptians and Georgians?

In a nutshell – do you want to get acquainted with a preliminary findings of our online ethnography project?

Come to this session then! And prepare to be an active listener: I expect a lot of feedback from you.

Date: 2014-06-23 20:00:00 - 2014-06-26 20:00:00, Asia/Tbilisi Time.

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A meeting which changed my life

I find my story pretty interesting. My story is about how I realized the importance of environment and the great role that society must play in solving the problem of pollution. It was last year in spring. I was returning home with my parents by car from our detached house and when we were crossing the bridge I saw a man who was trying to lug three boxes full with bottles .I asked my father to stop and I went to help that man. When I came up to that man I realized that he is not Armenian he was American . I must say honestly that it was a shame for me, because he was a foreigner but he was thinking about our environment more than many Armenians do .After I found that he was the Ambassador of America in Armenia. I was amazed with that surprise. We walked to his place, which was about walk for 10 -15 minutes. So we were talking about different thing such as education, I told him about my projects at our students consul and about my social activities. After collecting that bottles would send them to special center for recycling.

Before all this I thought that ok I am not making my environment dirtier, I am trying to keep clean my city, I am trying to use less water if it is not necessary I, am trying to save energy. But after I understood an important thing- we are responsible not only for us but also for others’ actions too. Because this is not only a local problem this is everyone’s problem. So the sample of John Heffern was so educative for me. So after that every weekend I am organizing small groups of young people and we are going to our parks or other places where are bottles, paper or metal and other litter like that. So anyway I will keep on doing all this and I think that this is my mission. Moreover I am going to set up an organization of young people who will stand beside me and we all together will fight against pollution.


like your story

@Gevorg Baghdasaryan , I like your story :slight_smile: , some times we should find some ppl , things or situations that inspire us to do different things in our life . so I am happy that you found yours :).  and I want to share with you a page of an Egyptian NGO called @Ain-Elbee’ah , as you can find some projects that we work on to improve our environment . may be these projects and ideas seems to be so simple but it has a great effect on the environment .

here’s the link ,  https://www.facebook.com/AinElbiaa?ref_type=bookmark , hope it will be useful for you .

sorry for Arabic language of the posts but if you need to ask about any thing plz feel free to connect with me .

also this is my page I collected some recycling ideas from different pages , https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Egyptian-Muslims/231216296936803

:slight_smile: all the best

There’s more like you!

Hello @Gevorg Baghdasaryan, I agree with @monarezk, it’s a great story. There are others like yours: here on Edgeryders you will find @henri37, founder of Let’s Do It World. LDIW started in Estonia, and spread over to the whole of Europe, from Sweden to Bulgaria. In Italy, I know of local initiatives, that ended up federating with LDIW.

Why not Armenia? If you are intrigued, I am sure Henri would be happy to advise.

Oh Thank you very much you know it is very important for me to discover new people, new ideas and then share them with others. So I will follow this pages and I will keep contacts :))))))))

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