Futurespotters event FAQs

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What is it?

An event to connect social innovators, activists, economists, democracy advocates, institutional workers and change makers in general, who are trying to build a better future for themselves and the communities they live in. It is an opportunity for Edgeryders community members in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt and the extended network, including UNDP offices in various countries, to come together and build substantial chunks of common infrastructure, which can be taken forward and built upon together at a distance in the months that follow. 

We keep events open and free of charge, try to help travellers find cheap or free accommodations and travel, and everyone builds a beautiful event from scratch. Including setting the agenda and building the program.

When? Where?

June 24-26, 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Exact venue to be confirmed - we’re brainstorming options here.

Who organises it?

Edgeryders social enterprise with funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). More about the Spot the Future overall project here.

Who’s coming?

Change makers in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, Germany, UK, Italy, Sweden, Romania etc. Check out who’s who in the List of attendees.

How to register?

Press “Attend” and comment on the event page saying you wish to come.

What’s the event agenda?

This is a work-in-progress done together with the participants. Expect project presentations, open talks, workshops, mapping sessions. Here are some examples: 

Is there travel and accommodation support?

Yes, but limited. We have already booked 20 spots at a local hostel in Tbilisi and are waiting to fill them with names of those community members who show commitment to make our gathering memorable.The core team is sending personalised invitations with offers to those participants who get involved the most in building the event, helping with the agenda, social media outreach, logistical preparations. This happens on a rolling basis, so don’t wait, pick a task here!

Where do I find info on cheap travel and accommodation?

Plan your stay in Tbilisi using the travel wiki and accommodation wiki.

I’m in Tbilisi! How can I help host people?

Wow, thanks! Leave a comment on the accommodation wiki.

How can I propose a session?

Simply list it as an Event, but be prepared to drive the online conversation prior to June 24, invite people into your session, make sure you document it in the aftermath.

What’s the easiest way to help with event preparations?

Tweet it! Or share a status update about it from your social media accounts.For daily reminders join the #countonme list and you’ll get an email every morning at 9 am.

What is Futurespotters?

The name refers to the participants in the Spot the Future project driven by Edgeryders LBG (the company) and funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). We came up with #Futurespotters to designate the protagonists of this new community being formed inside Edgeryders. 

Where are Futurespotters based?

In Armenia, Georgia, Egypt, and continental Europe. Some are nationals, others are members of diaspora from these countries, and yet others are expats from all over the world living there.

How can I stay updated on event news?

Keep an eye on our Spot the Future: Team coordination group. It’s actually a work space where all ideas for organising the conference shape up, also where we are sharing updates as preparations progress.