SPOT THE FUTURE workshop in Yerevan, ARMENIA



Too bad, I can’t be there tomorrow, but I will join you Saturday!


Good luck and enjoy!

Have a great time today! I wisj I could’ve joint in as well, after a succesfull Georgian workshop. Looking forward to hear how it went!


1st day afternoon of the workshop in Yerevan!

So here we are, 15-20 people from very different backgrounds, with many different stories, coming going, combining the working afternoon with the nice idea sharing at the workshop venue with their peers! Anahit - an independent cultural activist who saved an abandoned and endangered fresco from destruction with help of a jounranist, an italian young man - Alessandro - who came to Armenia and tries to make a living independently, a french pilot - Eric - who lives in Armenia and speaks Armenian so well that you can’t understand he is not an Armenian, and is willing to contribute as an engineer to a local creative project that he just got to know here at the workshop, an environmental activist that is interested in alternative economics and is willing to start a project about it n Armenia, a UN worker - Liana - that want’s tpo open a sloth-swap shop in Yerevan etc…  

Amazingly nice pallet of ideas, motivations, visions and skills! Something nice is going to start from this, it’s in the air!


Facebook link of the event?

Hi guys,

Was just looking through what has been done in Yerevan and looking forward to reconnect with everybody who attended the #futurespotters workshop last year. Anyone has the link to the event on Facebook? @Noemi @Nadia @Alessandro Mambelli


Found it!

This is the facebook event page:

Anna, I also shared with you the google spreadsheet with participants and their Edgeryders profiles and stories.