Starting off Playful Futures

Hey y’all!
This week we started the first official work on Playful Futures: sci-fi online LARP ethnography for Mediterranean coastal communities

The project saw its inception here (the grant, ideas and so on) and it’s going to be about the preliminary design and implementation (pilot) of an online LARP (or more correctly a LAOG - Live Action Online Game) situated in Witness which output will be processed through digital ethnography.

Here (access requested) you can read the final proposal if you’re interested.

We are now in phase one, design, and in the next 7 to 8 week we will alternate research, prototypes and play-tests (the goal is to be able to host an open play-test at the Horcynus Festival) . Together with me in this phase will be @awhitney and @vidityavoleti two game designers that have worked on the LARP/RPG scene in the last years (Ally was also a participant of the Nomadic Branch of Trust in Play, where they hosted a podcast about games)

We will share links and have meetings mostly in a dedicated Discord Server (DM me if you want to be added…Discord can be annoying), and I’ll post here if we will host play-test or play sessions.

On Friday August 12th we had the first meeting focusing on research and here you can find an amazing list of references that @vidityavoleti shared, Ally’s list coming soon (also amazing).

We also played a prototype called Squeeze Emergency Procedure (initial rules below) a quick ice-breaker for 2 players that plays in around 10 minutes, inspired by 180 Km/h by Trash Meets Steels.

@alberto @marina @akmunk @johanirvingsoltoft

SqueezeEmergencyProcedure.odt (5.2 KB)


Congrats brother Matteo, for the good work you are taking forward the better change in the community.

It is really interesting

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Here is @awhitney list of games

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