🗨 Status Report: What's Up With You?

Yep, I’m wearing a mask. If you are going through airports better get one too, and stay till the end of lines when boarding, and generally as out of the crowds as you can.

What I’m surprised at is how hard it is to get a traveling hand sanitizer, been looking for days! Jez.

Did you find this stuff in a pharmacy or what? I mean mask and the Chloroquine ?

MM i can check for sanitizer at my local pharmacy around the corner and give it to Alberto tomorrow if i find some.

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I had got the mask in Vietnam, and the chloroquine I’ll get before Indonesia.

In other news, I have noticed a lot of cancelled dates and people in relationships even sleeping in different rooms when one partner has been traveling. I guess maternity wards in in December won’t be very busy.

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You can make your own with this WHO approved recipe :slight_smile: It’s really just ethanol 80% (v/v), diluted with water.

You get ethanol 96% or 100% in any hardware store or as a fuel online. I need it for my kitchen stove and usually buy 30 l at 1.46 EUR/l here. The hydrogen peroxide in the WHO formulation is just against bacterial spores, but since you want it against the COVID-19 virus you’d not need that. Adding the glycerol is against the drying effect of ethanol, which is more comfortable, but in an emergency you’d also not need that. No gelling agents are needed, just rub your hands with a bit of the stuff until dry.

Edit: Just seeing that my favourite online shop also has the isopropyl alcohol as used in the WHO Formulation 2 from the above link. Using that has the advantage that (as far as I can see) isopropyl alcohol is not denaturated, while ethanol is. Denaturation of ethanol means adding a bitter substance that makes it undrinkable, preventing its use in moonshine production. That bitter substance is not dangerous in a hand sanitizer, but may transfer a bitter taste when touching food (I doubt it would be noticeable, but the WHO document speaks about that).


Heh, this response made my day:

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Mm Id be careful with that https://twitter.com/hsifyppah/status/1235222782725591045

Sure, hand sanitizer is recommendable only when water and soap is unavailable. Like when wanting to eat something while on the road. Because, reasons. :scream:

Poop. Poop. Poop.Pee :)))

Speaking of which, I came home to a leaking toilet. I could not help thinking philosophically about going from the wonders of Paris to a few days later dismantling my commode.

I would add also, make sure to keep your immunity high, body and mind in good shape.
It’s probably easier to overcome it than avoid it. I am not restricting my activities in any way, just not kissing people too much (Belgian.French custom :slight_smile:).

I am fasting again though, which means working on mind and body so I am counting on that as my defence :slight_smile:. Healthy food, healthy thoughts, regular good sex…counting on beating that virus.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: realist

Good information, @johncoate. They are thinking about shortening the quarantine from two to one week. And there are more and more indicators that only people with symptoms can affect others. :slight_smile:
Time for hugging?! :slight_smile:

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@nadia and @hugi, are we meeting in person on Monday or remotely? If the second is the case I would suggest that I set up a call and work schedule for us for the intended 3 days.

Ordinarily yes, but my wife has very weak and compromised lungs. I can’t take any risk.
That said, I am pretty sure at this point that I do not have the coronavirus, but I did catch some sort of slight cold traveling back home. This is not uncommon. Just a scratchy throat, nothing in the lungs.

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in person! Im in town

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In this interview with journalist Rachel Maddow, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently suspended her Presidential campaign, talks about online bullying by supporters of her opponent, Bernie Sanders. When they start talking about a solution she advocates good online community management, although she doesn’t use the term…

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Maybe it is more fair to say that she advocate social media community management in that she suggests a candidate or party should have someone on hand to respond to rumors untrue things, etc. so people at least have a chance to hear if something is true or not. Provided the candidate is also honest of course…not a given.

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Here is a link to an audio interview I did last week with Patrick O’Keefe who does a podcast popular with members of the online community management world. Along with other subjects, Edgeryders and Blivande are described.