Stewardship content for analysis: adding the numbers

I went through all the platform content gathered previous to Lote4 and in its aftermath, and here’s what it adds up to in terms of relevant material. Note: not all of it may end up in the analysis, this is just an initial overview.

  Case studies    Lote4 sessions and shared notes  Post Lote4 reflections TOTALS
Posts 32 2 8 42
Wikis 3 7 2 12
Events 1 30 0 31
Documents 1 0 0 1
Comments 115 191 57 363

These come from three major groups:

  1. Stewardship Case studies group

  2. Lote4 sessions

  3. The general Lote4 group where aftermath reflections were posted

In addition to the above, there are also a lot of insights coming from the general preparation of the event: mostly calls for participation and community calls. Lote4 is in itself a project of community stewardship and a case study per se, so they should be reviewed carefully and probably included as well. That would provide for an additional >20 posts/wikis and 200 comments.

A working list of links, content types and comments, as well as contributors can be found here. cc @Inga_Popovaite

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That looks adequate

Great work, @Noemi. The numbers seem more than adequate to me.

Thank you so much!!