Strategic Overview of Long-Term Telework for Business and Government Leaders

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About this training

This online training introduces government leaders to the strategies, tools, and best practices for effectively leading in a distributed (remote/telework) model – and showcases the benefits of adopting telework as a viable long term strategy. The focus is on the unique challenges of leading, mentoring, and managing while physically apart from your team for prolonged periods of time.

Who it’s for

  • Anyone leading or managing a remote / teleworking team in business or government

What you learn

  • How telework helps staff deal with changing social norms and workforce diversity
  • Tools and processes to promote transparency and accountability
  • Tactics for helping staff address issues of isolation, loneliness and “Zoom fatigue”
  • Fostering team culture and trust while physically apart


  • One 90-minute virtual session
  • Q & A to address specific concerns within your your agency leadership team

Slide Deck

Distributed_Government_-DGS-_Trimmed.pdf|attachment (6.3 MB)

We value openness and share all our work under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. These slides from a recent client training are available for you to re-use or share with attribution.


  • In-depth training for managers - Managing Teleworkers in Business and Government

  • In-depth training for remote / telework teams - Effective Telework in Distributed Government Teams

  • In-depth training for remote / telework teams - Effective Telework in Business Teams

  • Coaching support - Working and Leading in Distributed Teams


€4,500 for up to 100 participants