Submit case study 1

Hi everyone, now is the time for the first case study to come in from the different countries (except for Morocco due to country visit this week).

1. Read the case studies interview framework:

2. Reach out to people and invite them to contribute a case study/ join community call

3. Post the case studies online in the Future Makers Case Studies Adventure group:

Please leave a comment below indicating you have seen this task.


seen task, will have case study(ies) up this week.



do we want the transcripts/notes online to edit here on the platform in a wiki, or did we decide on having this in a google doc and only upload the final version here? I cant remember… :slight_smile:

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Post in wiki

Hi Inge and everyone else.

I set up a group just for posting material related to the case studies, please post transcripts/ notes from interviewas as wikis here:

To make it easier to get an overview, let us use a shared naming convention for the titles of the wikis

  1. For notes from the weekly Community Calls: Future Makers [Country] Community call #[1, 2, 3… etc]

  2. For notes from Individual Interviews use: Future Makers Case Study - [Name of person/project]

Please make sure the person interviewed is signed up on the platform, and help them to understand how to use it. Why? Because we will need their active involvement in developing the notes from the interview into a high quality case study. E.g. by answering questions left in comments by others and by editing the contents of the wiki (with help of engagement manager if needed) until the notes have been developed into an engaging story from which their peers can learn about how they work, what they have learned through the work, and how the reader can contribute (non-monetary) support to help them meet their goals.

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yes, I have.

yes, I have.

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Have two case studies already

Hi Nadia,

I have already two case studies, I’ll write them as soon I login from a laptop due to Friday.

PS: I am sorry, a family member of mine has died so I couldn’t comment or join this week call.


So sorry to hear this Samar. Hope you are ok.

I think I missed this one. I’m working on a couple of case studies right now but haven’t interviewed people yet(was busy with Morocco due to an emergency). Will do it asap and upload the wiki.

Just to doublecheck - video/audio recordings not obligatory, right? I plan to include photos though.

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Dear Nadia,

have seen the task, and had two conversations so far. Notes will upload to google doc, and hopefully by Friday will have 3 cases to show.

I have already talked with Inge about that, but I have decided to outline all initiatives in my country under such themes: Media, civil/policies initiative, culture, education, social volunteering, innovations, human rights, psychology, conflict-related. I will add more, and will try to emphasize on regions, yet will have some initiatives from Kiev too ))

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Marking task as done.

Autumn cleanup, don’t mind me :slight_smile: