Please post the first three interviews by tuesday

Guys we need to start seeing some case studies this week. So far the only work I see on case studies in the Futuremakers Case studies Aventures group is the wiki I created after the visit to Egypt. Remember the deadline for submitting 10 case studies per country is June 30.

As you may have noticed we have relaxed expectations for doing social media work for Engagement Managers this month to make sure this gets done. But  we are not seeing any action on the case studies sides to compensate for this. Any work or conversations had not posted on the platform does not count as a result seen from this end… My instructions for this task was ignored last week and the deadline missed :

  1. Please conduct and post documentation from a minimum of three interviews by tuesday June 17. The team in Nepal is posting some spectacular interviews and posts here - and they are dealing with the fallout from a massive earthquake…

  2. Please reach out to hacker and maker spaces in your country by Friday June 19, call them telling them about the project, as them to point you in the direction of their members who are doing interesting work and look them up, interview them, and post the interview documentation from three interviews in the Future Makers Case Studies Adventures group. The next call is going to be solely dedicated to going through the six interviews submitted by each

Please leave a comment below indicating you have seen and understood this task. If you have questions or need help post them in the comments.

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Posting them on Friday

Hi Nadia,

I will post the three case studies that I have contacted their founders by Friday June 16th, 2015.

Tuesday for interviews please

Hi Samar, you mean tuesday right? (16/6 is a tuesday).

No Friday

Not Tuesday but Friday, I have interviewed them through email and phone calls not in Skype form so to be following the interview frame, I need till Friday to submit 3 case studies.

Work out loud ethics

Samar, it is important that we can all follow one another’s work as it progresses. So please post some documentation/notes and reflections on the interviews by tuesday, even if you post the actual case studies on friday.

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due to flooding will have only 1 ready tomorrow (meetings were cancelled), but rescheduling them right now and have next few asap.

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Status update: Quality over quantity

I’ll get in touch with Megawra & Cairo Hackerspace and try to create a proper Case Study, fill in the blanks basically. 

I am in touch with Tarek, the CEO of the greek campus to meet with him soon, and see where he might point us too.

I’m also in touch with CILAS to try and properly document their efforts.

I would also love to document Rasheed 22 @labanita.

So far, however, I’m limiting to the contents of the cairo visit as a sort of finishing up, is that OK @Nadia?

Not sure I understand

Greek campus seemed pretty dead when we were there, hardly a thriving scene. Looks great on paper but no results on the ground as far as I can see. More promising I think is the Cairo Hackerspace (ask @Hazem about this, we dropped past but no one was in at the time), Megawra and Rasheed 22. I’ll do the follow up with the Cairo workshop participants, to free you up for the case studies. Ok?

Yes, please do! I can use all the time i can get for the case studies, quality is time-intensive.

Actually, the Greek Campus visit was very rewarding, and the contents for my first proper case study. I have uploaded the first draft here.

As far as Megawra & Cairo Hackerspace are concerned, I contacted @Hazem and he’ll put me in touch. I’ll visit them as well and try to create similar case studies. But we shouldn’t expect anything before end of June (no kidding), due to Ramadan starting.

As for Rasheed 22, @labanita will be travelling soon and we agreed to have a Skype Interview. But again, no rush here.

No spin please

While we sympathise with people trying to get initiatives off the ground – of course we sympathise, they are us! – asking the hard questions is a form of support. Megawra, at the end, was funded by a grant: what happens as the grant runs out? Is the daycare service producing some revenue to keep the lights on? Is it planned to be? In this it is different from the Ring Road story, where there was no public investment involved. That said, initiatives that have problems, and even ones that are failing, should be celebrated too, and we have much to learn from them. But in the end, we need to find people with a high degree of autonomy. I like Mustapha and his “diverse neighborhood” project. Do you think he would be ok telling his story, @Hegazy?

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Yes, I am sure he would.

It is still in an early planning phase, shall I create a proper case study out of it?

Yes. See my comment on Inge’s interview transcript re: theme


Hello colleagues,

I’m focusing now on the offline interviews (sure several will be online). I think offline is the most efficient approach in my case, in other words people share more useful information and it is more chance to engage them into edgeryders platform. Therefore I will start post my work from this weekend and further. To be truth to process each interview from audio to text format takes much time but I struggle it =)

See you soon

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