Teaching Teachers Open Source

@MatsK Amazing that you are onboard here! Why don’t we catch up on a short call to see if we can invite more of our common networks? I could PM you my private number if you like.

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Yes, just need all the graphics!


I can give you the link to the primary text and @MariaEuler has gfx…

Thanx @hugi alot.

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@hugi Teaching Teachers Open Source - #79 by erik_lonroth

Done, @erik_lonroth and @nadia


@erik_lonroth and @mattiasx @MatsK ++

Letade efter lite OS relaterat material som ni kanske kunde ha användning av inför workshoppen:

1. Unfailing Massive Collaboration: Open Sourcing Everything

2. Open Source beyond the screen

  • This story from Cairo of a community that DIYd four exit ramps from the busiest road in a city with a population of 9.5 Million people because the government wouldn’t.

3. A thread on the history of open source communities
4. Closer to the actual pedagogical work/how to make it spread Check out this story on the Viral Academy Georgia: learning open source software to learn how to work together


@nadia This is amazing material. Thank you so much! I’ll definetly read @patrick_andrews and also the “4” below…


@erik_lonroth have you explored those possibilities Nadia described?


I basically copied with some small edits the invitation Erik made in Swedish and have shared with my Stockholm network.


I’ve done the same, about a week ago.

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If there is any material to be shared afterwards, I’d be happy. Need conversation with a couple of folks from my community and would be happy to show that I am not alone :slight_smile:

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Hey @felix.wolfsteller!

We would love to get some help with producing documentation. Will you be able to be doing this?


No sorry I will not be attending any event and also cannot produce anything streamlined. I thought if you have some slides to share, I’d be very interested. If you have however some 75%-done slides or posters, I can look at them and give somewhat qualified feedback (if you share it on a nextcloud with Collabora Office I can add comments without interfering with your workflow. I guess OnlineOffice has the same feature).


Thanx for your feedback. I don’t have any slides yet as I will prepare the material during the week.

Interesting that you mention Nextcloud + Collabora. I have built a Juju bundle that anyone can deploy and use to get their private/open source cloud running.

More about Juju and the Nextcloud bundle here: https://jaas.ai/u/erik-lonroth/nextcloud-collabora-tls/bundle/15

I think @hugi @mattiasx @alberto might be interested in this. Juju simplifies the process of getting complex systems deployed - such as - Nextcloud. Juju is open source and so are all the other components used within the projects. This is my personal exploration also of removing myself as much as possible from the AD-driven economy discussed here: What Is to Be Done About the Ad-Based Internet economy? - #112 by alberto) Its a great feeling and I also reap huge benefits from the flexibility I have.

Even though all this is a bit off topic, you really highlight the principal boundaries between humans being “subscribers” to someone else’s code - vs - empowered community members. This is something we can cover also during the workshop. Exciting times!

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I do not really understand. You looked at my github - profile? Or because I offered review?

Ping @matthias

I got intrigued by you comment mainly.

Ok, but I have a challenge, I have got another consultant job and I don’t know if I can make it at the 28/11.



I’m super excited to soon meet you all to have this workshop going. I’ve been preparing and been waiting to see how many would join and what background you all have. It seems from the signup, the group we are at the moment is just about perfect to make this workshop truly interactive! But feel free to pull in more of your personal contacts if you think you have some more that would be interested in participating.

Use this simplified signup form which will take them/you through the registration process: https://register.edgeryders.eu/

I have made preparations for the frame of the workshop - as you all have read. But, in the end - its we all, who brings to the substance. My part is of equal weight as yours - we need you.

With this post, I hope to spark this weeks conversation that will continue into the workshop.

Below is insight into the group that you are part of. Its not a complete description, but it shows how amazing and wide set of skills we have in this community.

  • Someone thinking about starting a tech-school looking for networking!
  • An open source officer for a large company.
  • A start-up co-founder of a open source education platform in Africa.
  • A crypto currency open source software engineer with a range of future visions.
  • A politically curious university teacher in areas such as cloud, network, security with connections in the broad Stockholm FOSS community.
  • A leader and inspirational source for young engineers within a large company with a playful mind.
  • A project lead at the Stockholm public library with access to a “learning lab” and a vision to build ethical, open and social context for everyone.
  • A member of a group aiming to teach programming for young children with an ethical approach.

We will have a food truck coming our way - @MariaEuler have the details if you have any special input about the food. There will also be coffee. But, please also bring your own gifts - that is always appreciated.

As you know, a #nospectator event, like this, only becomes as good as what the participants make it. So, during this week - we depend all on the collective effort in making also the schedule fit our ambition:

“Find ways to influence the educational system towards open source values.”

The below is my initial attempt - now its your turn to improve it.

Discuss the content during the week here in this thread and go from here during the coming week! Once the schedule and content seems good for our ambition - then we go with it

MORNING: 10:00

  • Social - Introduction to Hus Blivande and Edgeryders.

  • Information and organization - Describe the targets of the workshop.

  • Learning - Everyone fill in some basic questions for research.

  • Strengthen our community - Getting everyone on-board to the collective documentation.

  • Strengthen our community - Getting everyone on-board to the Edgeryders communication platform.

  • Learning - Have everyone get a chance to briefly describe their current activities around open source and/or learning, what resources you bring and what motivates you to be at this workshop.

  • Learning - Fundamentals about FOSS and its core values for learning by @erik_lonroth

  • Workshop/productivity: “What would you like to learn more about about open source?”

  • Workshop/productivity: “How can we help you?”

LUNCH: 13:00-14:00
Workshop/productivity: “What do we need to do to get teachers to teach open source in school?”

Workshop/productivity: “What first steps can we take to get there using our collective strength?”

ACTION points:
“What is being done today in politics?” - What can we do to reach politics?

“What is being done today in corporate?” - What can we do reach corporate?

“What is being done today in academia?” - What can we do to reach academia?

“Influence?” - What can we do to reach out?

“Community?” - What can we do to grow and nurture our community?




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