Team building budget 2024

Hi @reef-building
Ugne asked me again for the budget for Q3-Q4 of this year… by monday (for the plenary)
Can you see if anything needs to be added?

  • land surveyor = 1750 +21% ( 367,5) = 2117,5
  • soil sample = 2140 + 21% (449,4) = 2589,4
  • parking space 25 m (mentioned in their price offer, if they cannot park on the site) = 89,61
  • architects: see my post: can sb check and confirm that my reasoning is correct = 108.080 + 21% (22 696,8)= 130 776,8
  • Total = 135.573,31 ( i think we’ll be the winner :slight_smile: )
    @Sarah : did you want to bring in the cost of the common space workshop?

No, we’ll take that from team facilitation budget in the end

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@Sophie_B or @Sarah : could one of you two explain me how i can find back the expenses for Q1/Q2 this year, or where they are kept. (e.g i have my invoices from loxam for clearing the site, where should i put them?)

I think the only expense was the bill from the architects which is in the “bills” folder in the TB folder.
And for the new expenses, I think you have to see with team finance how to get it in… There is a post somewhere that Alberto did a while back, but I can’t find it.
And I think he also said he is happy to do an online session when needed.


Here it is, point 4.1: The Reef's spending and financial transparency policy

If you lose track of it, you can find the link in the Onboarding Manual, currently point 5.4.