Team Building: General affairs 2024

Yesterday at the meeting we didn’t discuss where to scout next, and said that was gonna be the responsibility of the new point persons (@Caro and @Sebas for the moment).
There is a scouting day on Sunday so I leave it to them to decide what to do with it.


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Hello @reef-building
I was thinking to create a shortcut to the FS, so that non TB people can find their way to it more easily if they need to! I don’t see how you can do that, so instead I created a document in the general TB folder, where we could put links to the individual FS folders (and other links if needed). That way people don"t mess around in our precious fiche folder, but still have access to the info.
What do you think? Needed? Helpful? Alternatives (putting it somewhere on edgeryders for instance)?

Also, I am not sure if we are still backing up the fiche folder and the table on a computer? Is somebody still doing that? Or do we think it is not necessary anymore?

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Great initiative, thanks @Sarah!

The document with the link is a great idea. Alternative ways of keeping track include clicking on the three horizontal dods and adding a file or folder to your favourites (screenshot below), or using the Nextcloud search function (putting in JET-14 takes you straight to the right folder).

I have not made a back-up lately. We always have the version history, but then we also had a bad experience with the Team Building meeting minutes document, so probably a good idea to make a back-up every once and while.

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True. So shall we just not bother with the document then and let people find their way themselves?

@reef-building : anybody to volunteer to do this? I was doing it when I used to clean up the table regularly, but now I’m a bit worried I might forget…

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I am about to organise an IT webinar, so maybe it’s indeed easier on ourselves.

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Hello @Sarah and @Sophie_B,

Following up to the plenary meeting I would like to check in about the email to the architects. Is this something you can take care of soon-ish, or do we need to ask someone else?

When you send the email, can you please add the following points:

  • We are having a vote this weekend, and will let them know on Monday about the result

  • Alberto tested the email-Edgeryders interface, and it works (see Testing the email function). Would they like a 10 minute tutorial to see how it works?

Yes, it’s still in my radar. I was gonna write when I saw their email about Jet-14, and it seemed wiser to wait for our next steps first… Will do it now.

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I’m having a look at the convention for the FS and I think it is pretty clear :

Ce travail s’effectuera en régie; les heures prestées seront comptabilisées au prix de 50 euros/h
htva 21% avec un maximum de 600 euros htva (12 heures). S’il s’avère nécessaire de prester plus
de 12 heures, ces heures ne seront pas comptabilisées.

→ so the feasibility study up to producing a first estimate of the price costs 600euros, however how many hours.
Do I still need to ask them for confirmation?

Thanks a lot for that @Sarah!

An easy way to create clarity on this could be to ask them whether they could please re-send us their bill. Apparently they sent it, but somehow we missed it. We need this information for our quarterly financial update.

Once we get the bill, we can then have a look and see whether we want to follow up on it. Would that work?


Just to be clear, did we receive the facture for the end of 2023?
It’s just the facture for the first trimester that we are asking for right? In which case we need any cost up to 31/03?

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The way I understand it there was going to be a bill for 2023, which would include the PFS. I understood they sent it, but that we haven’t received it.

So if you just ask “can we get your bills for everything up until now” I think it will be plausibly deniable :smiley:


The architects have answered our question about durability options. See communication with the architects (internal link)

Another thing is about the communication with the architects.
@Sebas if I understood well, you are super busy at work, so I imagine that you don’t find time at the moment to follow up on what is happening in the mail box?
I find it a bit difficult to follow up on everything, save the info, alert the different teams, etc… , it’s actually quite a lot of work and a lot of time, and it’s hard to be reactive as I don’t have time to do it daily properly (I can have a very quick look but it might take me a bit of time to follow through). So could somebody be an extra (temporary at least) keyholder? We could coordinate using the document I created (internal link)


personally I think i would be a good idea to have @Caro as an extra keyholder (not only temorary). If -time-wise - this wouldn’t be a solution, i can help out, but then maybe on a temporary basis and then see later…

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Hi, It’s just that I finish late during the week until the beginning of June…


Yes Caro needs to be able to keep contacting them, butbfor the moment she was only contacting them on specific issues as the needs arised. Checking the mail box systematically is indeed much more time consuming. And I’m thinking her skills could be better used elsewhere, as this is more of an admin job…
But I’ll let her decide for herself!

Anyway, I don’t mind who does it but it would be good if I could get help fairly quickly…

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I’ll signal Caro tonight and see who of us can help you…(i guess there are no other candidates)
(I am starting to feel a need for a prioritized list of tasks for team building )


Let’s maybe put a quick point on this in the draft agenda for the next meeting?


hi @Sarah , i’ll be the (temporary) extra keyholder :slight_smile: . Will read the documents you mentioned here above tomorrow…


Hi there team building,
I will be sending the email about the current PFS soon, anything you want to add?