Team Building meetings: debrief and preparing the next one

hi sarah,

  • yes adding 8 extra units would come down to 4406 euro/m2

This includes:

  • 8 extra unites of 90 m2 in average
  • a proportional increase of ‘dégagements et noyau’
  • (a proportional increase of caves and terraces. This later shouldn’t matter as they are options and are not included in the calculation of the average price/m2)

This doesn’t include

  • an increase in the common spaces like kitchen,… (the 10% of the total, here the 122m2)
  • an increase of parkings (which shouldn’t matter neither as it is an option). It is not clear though for me what is in the ‘underground part’. If you look at the excel you would think ‘caves’ and ‘parkings’, but that would mean that one parking spot is 66 m2, which cannot be correct. So there might be something common underground (bike sheds,…) which probably should be increased with the number of units.

Wow, thanks for that action points list and sum of the calculations on the extra !!

Quick remark on the parking spots : thought this os an option for us, legally (RRU obligation) we’re obliged to plan 1parking/housing unit, which can be reasonably negotiated woth the Commune to 0,5/housing unit, but I’m afraid they want accept less.

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For me the question is - as Manual raised it - can we sell the parking units that we don’t need for internal use to non reeflings? are we allowed to do that/are we willing to do that? This would mean that we might only need to prefinance it…


Yes I think he said technical bits and a bike space

Indeed… The question though is still how do we finance building it before we sell it…
I think that was on the radar of @reef-finance at some point, but it might indeed need to come back to the more current list of topics to look at?

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And that looks already like a stretch! It would mean the cheapest unit to be 4K x m2 (at -10%), and the most expensive one 4.8K x m2 (at +10%). So I guess this site, with 21% VAT, is out of range regardless of how much we negotiate.


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Hello @reef-building,

I have prepared a draft agenda for the next meeting and I’d be grateful for your feedback.

One key point would be to select the next Coordinator, another - for me - would be to get full clarity on the Fiche Factory: 1) how does it operate / can we finalise this? and 2) where do we stand, which are the most promising sites that are next?

@sarah would it be feasible for you to present these two points on the Fiche Factory?

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Hi @reef-building
We established tonight that there has been a bit of a misunderstanding, as I will not be available on thursday, which means that nobody can present the fiche factory.
And selecting a new coordinator would also require more people to be available…

So the idea would be to move it to next week, if that’s doable. So can everyone re-enter their availabilities in the poll? It’s possible to go back to the voting section and update your availabilities.

It’s indeed on my list of things to do, I hope I can do that this weekend


Hi @reef-building ,

Sarah and myself worked on the Fiche Factory the last few weeks.
Here is the result:

If you don’t have time to read the whole manual: try at least to read

  1. Overall process for the Fiche Factory
  2. The text linked to the tab you are responsable of or that you think you will mainly take up (e.g. scoring, looking for owner,…)

See you on Wednesday!


Thanks so much @els and @Sarah! :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:

@reef-building, I have refined the agenda for tonight’s meeting a bit more …

Looking at the backlog and also at where we are at now, my impression is that we have quite a lot of points that relate to how we work together as a team (highlighted in green in the draft agenda), so I was wondering what you think of using tonight’s time on substance and urgent things, and then maybe organise a separate meeting on a weekend day, where we can then really take the time to discuss more organsational and interpersonal issues?

Happy to get your thoughts …


Thanks @Lee :slight_smile:
Ok for me, though my weekends are likely to be more filled than my week days… But if we could find a date, yes, would be nice maybe to see each other life for once as well.

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Hi @Caro

Could you please add the meeting notes in our document? I would need them to prepare for the Coordination Group meeting tomorrow, and for the Team Building meeting agenda on Friday.

Many thanks!

Hello @reef-building,

Somebody seemed to have prepared bits of the agenda, and I added a couple of points to the list.

See you tomorrow!

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Hello @reef-building,

Looking at the backlog and the minutes of the last meeting, it’s not obvious to me how to structure the agenda for the next meeting.

Here’s a proposal or some options:

  • Everybody adds the points they would like to discuss in the agenda, being very precise on the objective to be reached in the meeting
  • We focus most of our attention to very concrete discussions on which sites have the most potential, and what we can do to move them one step further in the Fiche Factory.

Cancelling the meeting if there is not enough substance or not enough people is also an option of course.


Hi @Lee ,
added items in the agenda…

  • it would be nice to have some clarity on the unavailibility of Sebastien (@Sebas : could you let us know till when you are on a break?).
  • as architects are now continuing on MOL-26, i think it would be nice to have some things cleared out before we receive the FS (and maybe not to be done in TB)
    – presentation of the FS: how: Life (going along with excluding people), conf call (which the architects prefer not to), or life for those who can make it and via conf call for those who cannot?
    – constitution of the helping circle MOL-26 : who from TB/who from team finance

Hi all, sorry for that, i will be back after the EU elections (09/06). I can take care of AND-28 as the owner text me yesterday that his wife is back from hospital and he has time now for us.


Hi @reef-building !

Minutes of the last TB meeting are available here :

Here is a sum-up of our action points :

  • put Caro as 4th keyholder to facilitate the communication with the archis (TB)
  • About scouting strategy : Els + Caro form a Scouting Pool, Caro organizes next one, (proposal to make it 1st for Anderlecht) (Caro+Els)*
  • create a helping circle for contacting owners still on the pipe, after we get new Reeflings + coordinate the task of reaching owners (when Sarah, Seb are off) (Caro)
  • about talking sites :
    – AND 42b : check with the owner what price they offer (task to be assigned)
    – BER-07 : check with the owner what price they offer + have a deeper look (caro)
    – MOL-26 : ask who from Team Finance joins helping circle + create helping circle (caro)
    – AND-28 : look up for the existing PFS, if it exists, post on ER to request a FS (Els)
  • make sure the presentation is ready for next time and coordinate with Alberto’s brochure and Lie’s presentation, to coordinate with Team Communication (Caro)
  • go through the list of questions to the archis and prioritize them, organize a 1hr talk with them to ask everything (paid) (+removed the question about AND 42a, this belong to PFS request) (Caro+Els)
  • ask the archis to communicate even negative feedbacks from PFS, so that we can learn from it (task to be assigned)