Team Building meetings: debrief and preparing the next one

Hello @reef-building,

I am starting a new thread that we could use to debrief from past meetings, and start preparing for the next one.

1. Debriefing from the past meeting

Thanks a lot @els for writing up the minutes. For reference, they are saved in the “meetings” folder of Team Building. This is the link:

Here’s an overview of the action points:

  • Sebastien: contacting commune of St Agathe Berchem concerning site rue goffin, st agathe berchem (BER-3) => Any chance if major changes can be made so we can have more than 10 units?

  • Sophie: launch a thread on the forum to capture all questions for architects so that sb (Sophie or Sarah?) can write one mail to architects, regrouping everything

  • Sarah: prepare presentation for the plenary of 20/12/2023, concerning the 3 pre-feasibility studies (AND-32, AND-14 and AND-13)

  • Sarah + Els: helping circle to create clarity/transparency for searching online sites + report back on the next meeting

  • Sarah: bring up topic ‘where to scout next’ at full members meeting

  • Lie: takes lead in creating an online document + makes a suggestion about it on the next meeting (see topic ‘Organisation’ in the key points)

  • Lie: foresee topic ‘Meetings team building’ for next year on the agenda for next meeting

2. Preparing the next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for the 18th of December.

We have a lot of fire balls to juggle in the air at the same time, and so we will need to use our meeting time as efficiently as possible (see point 6.5 on working methods in the Onboarding Manual (internal link)).

Based on the agenda points that we gathered, I tried to list the most urgent ones in a table (orange heading) in the agenda and minutes document.

What I would like to experiment with, is to see whether we can assign some of the most urgent topics to different people, so that these people can come to the meeting with a proposal to be discussed and/or consented to. Would you be ok to try that out?

If yes, these are the points that I would propose to prioritise for the next meeting:

  • Workflow and organisation
  • Budget
  • Where to scout
  • Immo sites
  • Sites that need discussion
  • Dates for meetings

Below you can find a screenshot of the preparation table. You will see that the suggestions for the assignments come with a question mark, because for most of them we didn’t discuss this at the meeting. Maybe in the future we can fix this with role descriptions, but for now we’ll have to do it task by task.

Note that the items in the “preparation” column, can be as simple as a couple of bullet points, or a thread of about half a page. Some things don’t need a lot of text, but it can be very helpful to have a little something as a discussion starter at a meeting.

Can I maybe ask you to have a look at the orange table, and make tracked changes to the “who?” column:

  • Delete the question mark if you are ok to take this on
  • Delete your name if you don’t want to take this on
  • Add your name if you’d like to be part of the mini-team that prepares the proposal

Feedback in the thread below is of course also very welcome.



Looks great, thanks @Lee . Unfortunately, I won’t be there at the next meeting so I can’t present anything that time. Happy to take over topics for the next meetings! Can the budget wait until January?

Hello @reef-building,

I have prepared a draft agenda, listing the points that are the most urgent and those that we managed to prepare. If you would like to add any further points, that’s of course always possible.

Can you please have a look at the agenda and read up on the items that have been prepared?

For the item on the budget, we need to report to the Coordination Group by 10 January. I talked to Sophie, and we concluded that the only thing Team Building needs money for is the architects.

This envelope would consist of two components: 1) feasibility studies, 2) paying fees for other work carried out.

  1. For the feasibility studies there is no team autonomy (needs a positive vote at the plenary meeting), so it’s not very important at this stage of the exercise (which is about consent to Teams spending money).
  2. For the fees we don’t know how much money we would need, so the way I would fix that is to include it in the Team Building budget undefined, and to then report every quarter on how much fees we would have paid (if any).

So the proposal on the budget would be to ask for a budget of 14.400 euro. This would be equal to 20 full feasibilities (20 x 600 x 1.21), knowing that many feasibility studies will cost less, and so that money should make up for the possible fees. It’s not the most precise budget proposal ever, but


Hello @reef-building,

It seems like I am still having issues with Nextcloud :neutral_face:

I had updated the agenda yesterday evening, with several links to posts and documents, and sadly it seems like it didn’t sync well.

I have corrected it now, but of course doesn’t leave you time to read the documents. Let’s see how we can handle this during the meeting. See you in a bit!

Hello @reef-building,

Here are the action points from the last meeting:

  • Immo sites:

    • @els to organise the helping circle
    • Lie to see whether more people can help out
  • Backlog & Coordination Group: Lie

  • Meeting schedule: @Aline_Jeandenans to set the dates for the next 3 months

  • Screening fiches: @sarah (?) & @Sebas (?) to prioritise the screening of BER-07

  • Work flow & organisation: @Sarah and Lie

  • Presentation at the next plenary: @Sarah


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Hello @reef-building,

I have prepared a draft agenda for the meeting on Thursday.

What I propose is that we focus our attention and energy on re-organising the fiche factory, which implies that we would postpone some items from the backlog to the meeting on 19 January (see also Scouting work flow and organisation - #6 by Lee). This is why I have already prepared the draft agenda for that meeting too, but we can of course see whether there are any objections to this approach.

Items to be prepared for the meeting include the following:

  • Buildable area: read the post and see whether you would like to be the Team’s expert on this

  • Work flow & organisation: read the post if you find the time, and have a look at the “sandbox” (which is an experimental folder on my personal Nextcloud)

  • Sites that need discussion: @Sarah (or somebody else?), are there any, and if yes, could you post their reference beneath, plus maybe one sentence that summarizes the question to the round?

  • Depending on how much time we have and how urgent it is, we could add one extra point, which could be “where to scout” or “owners of sites”. I guess this doesn’t need any preparation, but if somebody thinks it does, please feel free to add something in the “preparation” column.

If you would like something to the draft agenda, that’s of course always possible. If so, please drop a line below, and then we see how we can mix things together.

PS: @Sarah (or someone who knows their way) if you could help me out with the archived sites, that would be wonderful. What I need is a copy of all the “rejected” sites that are no longer in the main file, to be copy/pasted in the “Grey lines combined” tab (the second tab) in this file:

PPS: would there be someone who would have 10 minutes to help me figure out my problems with Google Meet? I would just need you to sit in front of your camera, so that I can play around with my settings.


Happy to do that! Tomorrow afternoon?

Here is what I see:

  • decision on Mol-01 and Mol-02
  • quick feedback on AND-14 (spoiler - it’s out…) and BER-03
  • update on status of the site without an owner’s contact?
  • attribute somebody to each site that we need to look for the owner of

Anybody sees something else?


Ah and maybe another thing: prioritising the pre-F and F we send to the architects?


And also AND-28 and other little things I’m indicating in pink in the table

Hello @reef-building,

I prepared a draft meeting agenda to my best ability. It’s in the usual meetings document. Please let me know if you would like to add another point, so that we can squeeze it in and prepare for it.

Given that it’s a very dense agenda, it would be great if everybody could prepare their agenda point. It doesn’t need to be much, all we need is you being clear on what you will report and/or which question(s) you would like to ask to the round.

Overall, I would prefer to focus on the most urgent things only, and only after the Fiche Factory fully works, to re-activate things that are sleeping or that can wait. Happy to discuss though.

Practical preparation:

does anybody have access to a professional Zoom account? If not, I created a 40 minute one, but we’ll need at least one more. Could anybody take care of that?

Preparation of the agenda points:

Here’s an overview of the points that would need the presenter to be ready to present: (please feel free to say no of course)

  • MOL-26: @Sebas would you like to quickly tell how it went?

  • Two other FS: @sarah, can you prepare something on the state-of-play?

  • PFS, sites that need a quick discussion: @sarah, could you identify the sites beforehand, together with the question to the round

  • Online scouting: @SimonDelch could you bring a quick report on what you agreed in the sub-circle, and how things are going?

  • Scouting: short evaluation + where to scout: following up on an exchange in the Team Building thread (Team Building: getting started - #276 by Sarah), I propose that we do a quick evaluation sociocracy style: what is going well, and what could be improved. Based on that, I reckon we will then be in a better position to identify the places to scout next.
    @Sebas, can you please save a copy of the mother map in the Fiche Factory > Documentation & admin folder? If you could reflect a bit on the key issues that you confronted as the mother map manager, that would be great too, though no stress.

  • Fiche Factory: I propose we focus on a quick demo, the distribution of responsibility for the different tabs, and a round for questions and comments. If we would run out of time, I would propose that I organise one-on-one meetings for every tab.

“Meetings” agenda point

I would propose that we create a role description for a “meetings manager” and look for a candidate. (that’s a very sociocratic way to basically distribute a task, but hey :sweat_smile:)

Key tasks: (proposal)

  • Schedule meetings (set the dates for a couple of months) and reschedule if there is a conflict
  • Add the meetings to Nextcloud
  • Create a videolink

“Communication” agenda point

I would like to find a way to bring our communication channels a bit more in line with The Reef’s working methods. This could include:

  • The Mystery Whatsapp Group: what’s going on there, and should it be on Edgeryders?

  • The “Team Building: getting started” thread: can we please close this, and start a “Team Building 2024 chitchat” thread?

  • Shall we create a separate thread for all questions related to scoring and another one for all practical stuff around PFS? Or else one for “finding the owner” kind of exchanges, and another one for “this is what happened when we sent it to the architects” stuff

  • Communication with the architects:

    • Where is the document with the questions, and how can we keep it up-to-date in a structured manner?

    • Who are the keyholders who will be communicating with the architects?

    • Shall we try out whether we can exchange with the architects here on Edgeryders?
      This could work as follows:

      • Everybody writes questions in the document and/or in separate threads on Edgeryders
      • The architects get an account, a closed thread, and only the keyholders communicate with them, based on the questions of others.

I have prepared a document (internal link - wasn’t sure where to put it…) with a list of sites. There is quite a lot so I have put in bold the ones that I thought were prioritary in case there is not enough time
@reef-building : can you have a look at the items with your name, potentially write a very brief summary, and/or your questions to the group . With the update on old sites with no contact details, maybe write down where you are at so that we don’t need to discuss it but get an update?


@reef-building I’ve updated the document.

If I got it right, we are starting our meetings at 7pm now right?

Also, regarding the agenda,. I’m not sure what our next steps are for finishing off the fiche factory, but I think it may be a good idea to gather feedback on what is and what isn’t working? But if nobody else has something to share then that can be done on a phone call between Lie and me also…

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that’s also my understanding. And in the reef-calendar it is set for 19:00

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I have some remarks, but not a lot.

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Hello @reef-building,

I am sorry that it took me so long to prepare the agenda. I am completely overwhelmed and I just couldn’t make it happen.

I have prepared a draft agenda to my best ability, but we can of course look at it tonight and see whether you would like to make any changes.

See you tonight at 7!


Hi Team, sorry but Aline and I can not attend this evening finishing too late. Concerning the architects, I think we should let them finish the 2 studies of MOL-26 and JET-14 + send them the sites ready for a PFS. At the moment, I don’t see any urgency for a meeting with them. They will have to visit MOL-26 again and this could be an opportunity to go with them and ask them a series of questions if necessary. Enjoy the meeting !


hi lee,

as i think 'what i have to report on the ‘online searching’ can be done via the forum, and is maybe less urgent than other topics, i posted a message on the online searching thread yesterday evening: Searching for sites online - #72 by els
but if people have specific questions, maybe better to be tackled in the meeting then via the thread…

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Hi all ,

The minutes are ready, here are the action points. I am just a bit unclear on the next steps for the scouting proposal: is it for lie to finish? or Caro and Seb to pick up from now? Or both?

Action points

  • Lie - gather the post-it from the FM meeting
  • Feasibility studies:
    • Sarah - send an email to architects including more info on time needed for feasibility
    • Sarah - communicate to reeflings on time needed for feasibility
    • Lie - liaise with Ugne and Chris about potential “emergency” online plenaries
  • Sarah – deal with action points in “sites to discuss” and re-distribute to point-persons
  • Point persons: liaise and organise
  • Online scouting:
    • Els - tag Caro on Angelika’s post on regie du batiment
    • Els - prepare a report for next meeting
  • Lie and/or Caro+Seb: proposal for scouting
  • Sarah + Sophie - prepare proposal on a new process for PFS
  • Lie - finish table
  • Sophie - Signal group for general quick communication

For the FS “buddy”: just wanted to note that we said one person per site, but we might want to change that to 2, for the 4-eyes principle…