Team Community Life: what is it for?

Hi there @reeflings !

A new thread to give you some info on Team Community Life and get the conversation going on how to get together and best take care of our community

So what is Team Community Life for?

  • The main purpose is to make sure everyone’s needs are met, and offer support when it is not the case.
    An example could be making sure adaptations are made in the common rooms for somebody’s specific needs, or getting the community organised for preparing meals for parents with a newborn or somebody who came out of the hospital, etc…
    We will reach out to people to check on them, but we would also like to be the point of contact for anybody struggling or needing something. Never hesitate to reach us with any problem or request! For now that means contacting Chris, Mieke (when she will be back from a break) or myself. SophieC is also a team member, but as she is not a Full Member yet, I don’t add her to this list but of course if you feel more comfortable you can reach out to her too!

  • Another role of ours is helping the community come together and Reeflings to get to know one another and interact. So we try and organise a basic set of social events regularly; that being said, it shouldn’t be only for us to organise get-togethers, and every member is encouraged to also do that!
    So the suggestion is for anyone to also use this thread if they would like to organise a poll for organising a social event themselves. It could also be used to share events you might like to go to with people (although chitchaters stays a good place to post that as well, especially when last minute…).

  • We will also be taking care of celebrations (births, marriages, Christmas party, Eid, …) and giving thanks (Confesseur, Archi). Mostly it means that these things come out of our budget, but as a matter of fact mostly it was other people who have been suggesting events and presents so far. Everybody is also welcomed to do so where they see a need!

  • Something that hasn’t yet been clearly in our mandate and that we would like to include would be taking care of the community as a whole, making sure it stays healthy and vibrant. It could be done by fostering discussion on how we want to live together, or organising workshops (on deep democracy for instance), etc…
    In sociocracy, a team needs a definition and consent from the group to validate its mandate, so we would need to either discuss this in plenary or have online consent (It’s a bit late, but I wonder if that can be discussed along with the team set-up tomorrow? @Lee ?)

What are the next events we foresee for now:

  • 22 June: get-togeter at the site as part of the site clearing organised by Els/team building :deciduous_tree: :axe:. Will coordinate with Team exeternal on this, and there should be a post some time this week when we get confirmation that this is going ahead
  • 30 June there will be a visit of the site :key: at 3 pm organised by Els + walk + “goûter” in Tour&taxi park organized by SophieC.
  • In early july or after late august, we would like to organise a wider event (picnic?) including the architects and confesseur :balloon:. Could you please vote below so that we now when would be the best time?
  • Hide and Seek or Chase au trésor :dark_sunglasses: :kite: in jette in september? @SophieC is excited about this I think!
  • Over the next few month: discover Jette together sessions, a programme led by the wonderful SophieC, our most creative member as you can see :slight_smile: :star_struck:.
    We have created a document where we will put a list of all the places where we could go to with a section specifically for Jette (internal link), and we (including you :wink: ) can pick from to organise little excursions to discover our future neighborhood. If you want to organise something, say so in this thread asking who wants to join. If we organise something more official, you will also be able to see it in the agenda on nextcloud

Looking forward to getting together for fun and adventures! :partying_face: :upside_down_face:


Thanks @Sarah for the up-to-date :slight_smile:

Reading your post, it raises me some questions about the articulation with @reef-inclusion and @reef-external. I will take time ASAP to put it here and discuss about it (just to be sure we don’t do redundant work or a contrario we don’t miss a spot from the three Teams).


Great idea!
Maybe create a separate post for that discussion then!

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Hi @reeflings,
An interesting program organized by Habitat & Participation and Samenhuizen this summer.
They propose to visit different existing co-housing project in Brussels. Probably interesting also for exploring member ?

  • 27/06 : Exposition & discussion on Co-Housin in Halles Saint Géry - 5 to 7 pm
  • 04/07 : visit co-housing Vosberg in Wezembeek-Oppem
  • 11/07 : visit co-housing BiPlan in Haren
  • 18/07 : visit collectif housing Daryacu in Saint-Josse
  • 25/07 : visit co-housing Ilot de Spiegel in Jette
  • 01/08 : visit collectif housing for elders Biloba in Schaerbeek
  • 08/08 - visit co-housing l’Ambassade in Schaerbeek
  • 22/08 - visit collectif housing Compas in Anderlecht
  • 29/08 - visit co-housing Longue Vue in Woluwée-St-Pierre
    To register : FR link:
    Nl:Activiteiten | Samenhuizen

Hi @reeflings @reef-exploring
Next activity is this sunday june 30 - discovering the neigbourhood.
At 3pm : visit the site (more for exploring member)
At 3:30 : we will walk until Tour&Taxi through mostly green park (L28, ParkFarm).
Around 4/4:30: we will stop either on the grass, (either inside T&T if it’s rains) for cakes&drinks.
For the one joining later, I will indicate our final spot on signal
For kids:different playgrounds on the way :wink: and at the final stop.
What to bring ? Cakes&drinks to share - maybe a blanket. Possibility also to buy thing in ParkFarm or Tour&Taxi.

  • I will be there at 3pm - max 3:30
  • I will join you at 4:30
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Hi there, I will pass by with a friend between 3 and 4 because we will be in the neighbourhoud anyway. Could you post in the chitchatters when you move from the site to somewhere else? Thanks and see you tomorrow hopefully :slight_smile:


Yes ! I’ll do …see you tomorrow


Hi @SophieC !
Thanks for organising this :slight_smile:
There’ll definitely be a few more people there than the poll suggests, both regarding Exploring Members (who understandably haven’t found all the interesting corners of Edgeryders yet), and Full/Associate Members (who have it on their radar but perhaps haven’t seen this thread)…

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Ok ! No worries on my side … :wink:



Besides socials events (look at the calendar)
For those who wants to discover Jette this summer, here you can find some informations.
We might go on your own OR advice other reeflings and propose them to come along. The more we meet, the better it is :wink:


  • Every Friday - from 5 to 11 pm – Apero Sun Jette on Pl Cardinal Mercier

  • Guinguette Fabiola – Park Baudouin all summer – 10 am to 10 pm

  • Sunday Market – Place du Miroir (Queen Astrid place)-

  • Walks/ride: Dieleghem woods, Poelbos, Laerbeek woods, Park Baudouin and Jette swamp.

  • Lire dans les Parcs/Verhalenland – Garcet Park from july 8 to august 23


  • 5: Café Citoyen -C.B.O. – Ch de Jette 407 – 6 to 11 pm
  • 7: Ploef ! Board games – 2 to 6 pm – Rue Bonaventure,100
  • 10&24: Play@staytion – Board game- 5.30 to 10 pm – Place Cardinal Mercier
  • 17&24: Children’s animation – Place du Miroir - 2.30 to 5.30 pm
  • 28: Parktour ( – King Baudouin park
  • 28: Repair Café – Staytion – 2 to 6 pm – place Cardinal Mercier


  • 4&11: Parktour ( – King Baudouin park
  • 7&14: Children’s animation – Place du Miroir - 2.30 to 5.30 pm
  • 7&28: Play@staytion – Board games- 5.30 to 10 pm – Place Cardinal Mercier
  • 18: Le Ploef ! Board games – 2 to 6 pm – Rue Bonaventure,100
  • 21: Leesterrasse des bibliothèques Fr et NL from 6 pm – Place Cardinal Mercier – free concert
  • 23/25: Plazey Festival in Elisabethpark (1081) – 23/25 august – free music
  • 25: Le Ploef ! Concert – Rue Bonaventure,100
  • 25: Repair Café – Staytion – 2 to 6 pm – place Cardinal Mercier
  • 26: Annual Market – from 9 am to 6 pm – Ch.Wemmel, 100


  • 1st september - Collector’s market - Place cardinal Mercier
  • 6 to 8 - Feria Flamenca - Flamenco Festival - Place cardinal Mercier -

Thanks @SophieC ! Great info… :slight_smile:

Thanks Sophie!!

I might like to go board game playing on wednesday 24. Any body keen? Maybe send me a signal message if so?

Hello @reeflings !

There is an after-work planned on Friday 12th. Who would be joining?
Also we where initially thinking to try and have it over in Jette, in the guinguette in parc roi Baudoin or in place cardinal Mercier. But I’m wondering if it would be a bit too far for an evening…
Can you fill in the poll below?

  • I would be joining in Jette
  • I would be joining if it is closer to the city center
  • I won’t be able to make it
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Hi Sarah, do you already know at what time it would start?
Thanks for the information!

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We didn’t set a time yet… But I would say 6-6.30?

Wa have a medical appointment for Charlie at 6 pm but not so far from Place Cardinal Mercier or the guinguette so we could join right after if it takes place in Jette !

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Hi @reef-communitylife,

Just as a practical point: can it be an option to create one separate post for every social event? This way they get their own title, and so they become much easier to find.

Ahaha! I actually thought the exact opposite!
I think having only one post to look for makes it much easier!
And there is already so many posts that it felt tidyer…

I don’t think it’s better, but then also it doesn’t matter that much one way or the other, so yes, we can change it.

Tomorrow might be a bit wet and cold, so maybe Place Cardinal Mercier is the better idea. Let’s say 6.30?
See you then!

We’ll be there ! Probably a bit later than 6.30 depending on how long Charlie’s appointment takes … Hopefully the sun will be back (you never know!)!