Team IT questions and updates

I am creating a new thread for little questions for @reef-it.

First one: could you please create Nextcloud accounts for our new Reeflings? I left you their addresses in our Nextcloud chat. Thanks!

Second one: we are struggling a bit with how we can squeeze a picture of all of us on our website, something that has become urgent now (it’s important that people see that we are a group of 15 now).

So my question: until we find a better solution, is it possible to use the folllowing picture as a temporary solution?


Hi Lie,

First one is done, :white_check_mark:

The second one, I had a look and the easiest option is to continue adding people in the same way as they are now, adding new rows to the “grid” or table you can add rows unlimited.

We need 2 more poeople to complete row 2 and then we go row 3 etc.

The option you propose is adding one single image with all the faces, the problems I see with that option

  • there are not hyper links to the profiles of people, you loose info

  • every time you insert a new team member you need to change the image file, remove the file from the page, and upload a new image file, it’s a bit of a cumbersome process

@Lee, upon reflection I am with @manuelpueyo here. We are now 10 members, going max to 14: that’s 4-5 rows, still doable. And the short self-presentations are a nice touch.

Thanks for your reply.

My view is this:

  • Cumbersome is not an argument to me: everytime somebody joins or leaves I have about 5 things to do (files to change / check etc), so another action really doesn’t make the difference.
  • In the solution that I proposed I like the fact that it presents households as a whole. So it becomes visible that we have households with children for example.
  • For now we are 14, but in less than 3 months we may be 35. That will make for a lot of rows, and won’t look so good.

I trust that you will take this into account and I would be grateful if we can move forward with this now as soon as possible (it’s been on the task list since mid June). We are actively promoting The Reef, trying to attract as many people as possible. It’s important to me that people can see that we are more than four people. Thanks.

Hi @manuelpueyo,

Apologies, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just that I have a need for getting things done, and when it goes unfulfilled I sometimes get cranky. It’s me, not you.

To solve the problem, would it be acceptable for you to go forward with my design (which I can more or less finish by tonight) until yours is ready? I agree that the short bios are very nice, but to collect them I reckon you will need some time. Would that work?

no worries @Lee , yes! we can try to upload your design , that should be feasible, please send me the file asap, cheers

this is always an important factor to me. we need to try to reduce boring tasks and maximize listening time and other more interesting tasks.

Thanks @manuelpueyo.

I can take care of the uploading, and also of the updating when new pictures come in.

If you would like to go for short bios, would you be willing to take the lead (or else as a Team mate) on this and make it happen?

sure! one question. we have a lot of info from reeflings. i can try to create a short bio for each of the people and then ask for permission, it could be faster than just asking them to write it.

one question, where do you see the short bios inserted? in the graphic you are making or directly as website content ?

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@alberto: can you please help me to import the data from the registration form for the presentation to Nextcloud? I don’t know how to do that. Thanks!

Sure, send me the link via DM and I will look into it.

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@reef-it Not sure this is the right place, but I cannot access any of the links on NextCloud . Can someone help me out ? :slight_smile: I got a first invite on 22/09, I registered but just renewed my password. When I press on any of the internal links in Edgeryders, I get sent to the following page, with an error message that says the file cannot be found.

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I think the issue is that you were not a member of the group Reeflings.

All the Reef’s material is saved in subfolder of a folder called “The Reef’s shared folder”. That folder is shared with a group of users called Reeflings; on top of that, public document have a different link accessible to the public in read-only mode.

I have now added you to the groups Reeflings and Finance&Legals. Everything should work. Can you confirm?

Thanks, but now I get the following error message “the document security token is not correctly formed”. @Sarah had the same issue

hello @VickyVanEyck could you try again now? i have changed some security settings in Only office app.

for the record. settings onlyoffice :point_down:

  • disable certificate verification [unchecked[

  • run document macros [unchecked

Did you test before trying? This problem was fixed on Monday.

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@alberto: could we have 3 new groupings for the different stages of membership (full, associate, exploring)? This would make my life quite a bit easier. Oh, and one for the Coordination Group too?

If it’s possible to give me the rights to reshuffle people when the change their membership status I’d be happy to take care of it.

i did not know it was fixed, good to know! i bring those settings back to as they were

@reef-it, can you please help with creating Nextcloud accounts for the new Reeflings? This is kind of urgent, because they need access to be able to fill in a couple of documents.

I created a list in our Team Recruitment folder (internal link). Can you please create an account for all the emails highlighted in column E with a “Y”?

I am about to send out the follow-up email and I ask the people whose email is missing to send it to us ASAP.

Thanks a lot!