unMonastery Matera now accepting application for residencies!

As of today, you can officially apply to be an unMonasterian. After much work from myself and others in the Edgeryders community, the call is out. We will be hosting unMonasterians in the stunning location of the unMonastery Matera during the period February – May 2014. To apply, read the call and follow the link to the online form.

In the runup to February 2014, we will continue to co-design the unMonastery. The discussion is underway here at Edgeryders (see here, for example), and it will culminate at Living On The Edge (#LOTE), the amazing event the Edgeryders community is building. #LOTE will take place in late October in the unMonastery Matera premises, so we can design together our experience as unMonasterians while physically being in the world’s first-ever unMonastery. How cool is that?

We promised you 2013 would be the Year of the unMonastery. It looks like we are on our way to keeping that promise! Our deepest thanks to everyone who encouraged and helped us along the way to making this happen. We are actually building the unMonastery – and this was far from guaranteed. In fact, it sounded crazy just a year ago. Let’s celebrate that, and stay tuned.