Team Recruitment & Onboarding: general communication 2024

I’m starting a new thread for Team Recruitment & Onboarding’s general communication, as the previous thread was becoming a bit long, and not easy to scroll down.


Hello @ChrisM and @mieke,

When you find a moment, could you please take care of the online consent process for the associate membership applications? It would be great if we could confirm the current requests so that these early appliers can move on with their membership process. TIA!

There’s one less than straightforward aspect to that… will bring it up when we chat tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hello @reef-recruitment,

I have prepared a couple of questions and notes to continue our work on the new recruitment process. I have saved it in the “draft proposals” folder:

Other than that, when there is time, I would also like to put our membership administration on the agenda. As we never set a date for a new selection process for the Team’s Coordinator, I would also like it if we could put that on the agenda at one of the next meetings.

Hello @reef-recruitment,

Just a quick message that I started to write up the things that we discussed about the new recruitment process, but that I’ll need a bit more time. From what I have written up so far however, it seems to me that our proposal still leaves quite a lot of questions, and that we’ll need some further discussions.

Therefore I would propose the following:

  • We present what we have at the plenary meeting of 26/05, mostly focussing on challenges and needs

  • We set up another R&O meeting to finalise the proposal, aiming to reach consent by the end of June

  • We honestly tell the new Exploring Members that we are still working on the process, and that we’ll provide more clarity by the time that they will apply for Associate Membership.

How does that sound?

Two further questions:

  • Would somebody have space to look for a date for our next meeting? Or shall we try to do this tonight or on Sunday?

  • Could someone please start a new thread on the presentation of 06/06, so that as many Reeflings as possible can save the date?


Let’s set a date on Sunday

Mieke or I will do it… :slight_smile:

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Hello @reef-recruitment,

Just a quick message to let you know that I won’t be able to finish a document to introduce a discussion about the revised recruitment process. Even if I would, I don’t think anybody would read it, so I’ll rather use what will be left of my Saturday for something else.

For tomorrow at the plenary I would therefore propose that we just do a quick introduction on the challenges we are facing, and the main things we have discussed so far. I would then collect feedback, both from full as from exploring members (different prompts though), and then commit to presenting a proposal to the full members before the end of June, so that we know what to offer to the future exploring members before they become associate members.

Would that work for you?


Good plan !

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