Telling stories with networks: an open source tool from Sciences Po Media Lab

@akmunk at Uni Aalborg has pointed us to a nifty tool to do walkthroughs of how you would use GraphRyders to tell stories about data. Here it is. It is called “Manylines”. Recommendation: do not save your finished work there, it’s for demo purposes only and they zap their servers every so often. If that was needed, though, the code can be grabbed from GitHub and it can go on our own servers.


Great! The link takes us to Graphryders post - is this the tool you’re talking about?


Yes! Fixed the link, thanks.


@alberto & @anique.yael Thanks so much for this. I was wondering who in the team was actively involved in network or node analysis. I’ve noted that it’s been used quite a bit. This tool seems great.

I’m in the process of teaching myself GIS for Storymapping and trying to link this to Network analysis. I see the value of this approach to documenting all Edgeryders and our individual work, which could directly feed into collaborations or at least scouting for collaborations.

Thanks for sharing.

Hey @nabeel_p :slight_smile:

I have very little experience with geocoded networks. But here at OpenCare we all use a nifty software called Tulip, which has the advantage of being scriptable in Python. One thing it does is support a “Map view”: just encode lat/long as properties of the nodes, select the Map view, et voila. You have a network map.