The fun(ding) has begun!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

For some people, Brussels is damn far away, and we very much want them to join, don’t we! I do and it would be nice if you helped out.

So here’s your opportunity to hit the market of “needs” and “offers”, so that more people can come to LOTE5, who would really like to, and are courageous enough to express a need for support. And I mean that asking for what you need isn’t easy. Aren’t we told by the current society script that we shouldn’t need others? BS.

Want to offer something?

Three microgrants offered by generous edgeryders are on the list already, and there’s plenty of space for more! Simply pledge a small amount or an asset you have (bed, friend with a spare bed?) and invite your friends to do the same by sharing this post.

Need something?

If you want to get a small amount to support your trip, first register to LOTE and think about a way in which you’d like to contribute. And then go for one of the grants.

For offers & needs, this way, please: 

Happy self-organising, everyone :slight_smile:



@Noemi, if you want to add something I forgot, please do :slight_smile:


Yes. Contributed 100 Eur to the travel grant fund!

Kaja thanks for doing this. Makes complete sense and very kind of you to take charge of making it happen. Will share around my own networks as well.

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Good idea! As I’m not able to come to Bxl for the event, this is a good way to contribute something to make sure others do join the event.


Great to see so much “traffic” on the sheet already!

Well done everyone

And thanks @ton for the community spirit – though I would have loved to see you in Brussels. Seriously, man, we are down the road from each other!

There’s already pledges for 400 EUR. That makes one pretty decent grant, or two half-grants. Now the question is: who needs the money? How can we pass it on without it being embarassing for the recipient?


One on one

The encouragement in the spreadsheet is to reach out to the person offering (I think thats the tweak @Kaja found to avoid anyone calling it for the rest), but let’s give it a day or two. If not, looking at the travel wiki I see people are looking to share apartments, so that could be a way… 400 eur should cover a 3-4 bed apartment in Bxl for 3 nights, no? Anyway, other options should be just fine. yay!

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Down the road, just not those dates

True, I certainly would have joined, except I am scheduled to be in Kuala Lumpur the entire week. Those dates don’t seem to be entirely final yet though (the Malaysian government client has not confirmed the dates, might still move 1 week back). Should I not go to Malaysia, then I’ll stroll down the road to Brussels after all :slight_smile: