Going to Brussels in February? Plan your trip

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Reaching the conference venues

From the airports to the city: Brussels airport is relatively close to the city centre and well connected. You can take train, bus, taxi or car from one of the stations at the airport (airport to Brussels). Charleroi airport is a 50min ride to the city. There is a direct bus/shuttle every 30 mins to Gare du Midi (schedule).

Main venue: LOTE5 happens at Brussels Art Factory (BAF) in Saint-Gilles neighborhood. The address is Rue coenraets 82 1060 Saint-Gilles, very close to the Gare du Midi (map).

Dinner on Friday 26th will happen at LaVallée starting 7:30pm. The address is Rue Lavallée 39 1080 Molenbeek, very close to metro station Ribaucourt (map)

Dinner on Saturday 27th will happen at GC Elzenhof starting 8pm. The address is Avenue de la Courionne 12, 1050 Ixelles, 15 minutes walk from metro station Trone (map)

Points of interest around SMARTBE

Where can I find a pharmacy? A croissant/coffee to go? A police station? Closest ATM? We produced this map for you.

How's the weather in Brussels?

The question not to be asked :slight_smile: But it seems we’re getting not-so-cloudy weather (min 0° max 10°), check this. Pack a waterproof jacket and shoes that can hold rainy moments. Sometimes it’s too windy for an umbrella but having one won’t hurt.

Where can I get a cool map of Brussels: USE-IT Brussels info desk - Galerie Ravenstein; close to the Central Station (map)

Don't forget to bring plug adapters

The Belgian electric plug system looks like this:

In case of emergency 

The person to contact is Kira. at +32 484 49 84 80

Community coordination around travel dates and accommodation

Update 3 February: Invited speakers & guests highlighted in yellow.

Update 25 January: Generous community members set up micro-travel grants to support partially those who need funding. Check it out!

If you’re joining from outside the EU or have any special or private requirements, feel free to contact Anna at anna.avetisyan@gmail.com If you’re looking to couchsurf, see this letter to couchsurfers Anna put together.

Guests and Registered participants  Your travel dates Accommodation status: booked something? still looking?

Comments (anything else you need or can offer)

Costantino Bongiorno,

Zoe Romano,

Cristina Martellosio

& Co. (WeMake)

24 afternoon to 28 AirBnb near Gare du Midi  
Guy Melancon Feb 23 afternoon - Feb 28 at Radisson hotel  
Ezio Manzini 23?    
John Coate Feb 22 at Alberto's home.  
Piotr Dzialak Coming 26th in the morning, leaving 29 of February Friends  
Christine Pu Feb 23 at 8:35 AM - March 1st at 10:35 Shared AirBnB accommodation with other ERs  
Bob Palmer 26 Feb -1 March stays with friends  
Omar Shehabi 24 Feb, 9:45 PM rents an apartment with family  
Millie Begovic &

Giulio Quaggiotto

Feb 27 in the first half    
Walter van Holst Feb 26  B&B  
Kirsten Fiedler based in Brussels    
Meredith Patterson based in Brussels    
Natalia Skoczylas 23rd of February-29February friends  
Alberto   in Bxl Hosting @johncoate
Nadia   in Bxl  
Noemi arriving 23 Feb 19:25 in Charleroi

leaving 1 March 20:00 

not yet, looking to share an apartment. Crashing on Irene’s couch!

RossellaB will be commuting from Tilburg, NL commuting   
Ireinga   in Bxl Hosting 2 people
Kiravde   in Bxl Hosting one of the guest speakers.

not yet, looking to share an apartment.

With Camille

Patrick Andrews from 24 afternoon (Wed) to 28 at noon (Sun)

no /with Camille

Kaja Baumann in Bxl 21.-29.02. have a place to stay until 24th minimum, interested in sharing appartement during the event.  
Alex Levene Feb 25th - 28th only

looking for accommodation Accommodation sorted, thanks Camille!

Can provide transport by car for 2 ppl from UK (london area) Coming by Eurostar

Pehr Mårtens Feb 24-28

looking for accommodation Booked near other ERs

Iriedawta Feb 24-29 Shared AirBnB accommodation with other ERs  
Tom Markam feb 24 and then travels Shared AirBnB accommodation with other ERs looking for edgeryder host  and tips for overland travel from Stockholm
Jochem Casier based in Brussels based in Brussels  
Hannes Rohtsalu Feb 24-29 looking to couchsurf happy to help on the spot
Sam Muirhead arrive morning of 23rd, leave from Midi 18:25 on 28th looking for accommodation, probably couchsurfing  
Cassie Robinson Arrive Friday AM, leave Sunday PM. Air bnb Happy to help in whatever way needed.
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Some affordable accommodation

Found these apartments on AirBnb at end of February, should anyone want to book:

  1. 5 people apartment for 120$ per night (incl.fees). It’s near Midi station and close to the SmartBe venue too.

  2. 5 people apartment for 130$ per night (incl. fees). Also near Midi.

@Nadia, @ireinga, @KiraVde and other Brussels based edgeryders, it would be great if you could update the wiki and let us know how many spare beds you have / how many you’ve given already, if any.

is this a wiki?

I can’t seem to change it…

Anyway, I would like accommodation (despite what it says above) and I have a couchsurfing profile (just updated) - see here: patrick is on Couchsurfing! | Couchsurfing

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I have a super-nice shared flat in Elsene, I can host three people ! For three night if needed! I have a big comfortable living and some mattress. You can check my CS profile even if I seriously need to update it:  Camille is on Couchsurfing! | Couchsurfing


Sounds great

Thanks Camille, can I take you up on your offer and claim one of your mattresses? You can see my CS profile here. https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/patrickandr

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Patrick can you give me your email adress ? Would be easier for me to communicate with you that way :slight_smile:

Email address

Hi Camille, my email address is patrickandr (at) gmail.com

I am due to arrive in Brussels tomorrow evening around 9 pm. Can I come to your place straight away?


@CamTesta Camille, thanks so much for the offer. Do you still have place?

This is my CS profile. Looking forward to seeing you!

Accomodation in Stockholm

I’ll be flying into Stockholm on the 22nd before heading to Brussels. I’ll plan to couchsurf for one night in Stockholm unless any of you know someone fun to stay overnight with.

Shared AirBnB accommodation in Brussels

Hi guys,

So, we have booked this nice Duplex near SmartBe venue and we have 1 more bed available! Please, go ahead and claim it asap. You can send me an email at anna.avetisyan@gmail.com or message me on the platform.

If you can not afford sharing the costs, you can get sponsored by Edgeryders common fund just like me and @Tom_Markam. Make sure to add your name in the google doc so that sponsors know who needs the funding.

@Pehr_Mårtens do you want to join us? I see you are still looking for accommodation?

@Noemi I am still waiting for @Hazem to confirm he is coming(fingers crossed).

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Heads up: another accommodation spot!

Lotte in Brussels is up for hosting someone, according to the Common fund offers. Just saying, if someone needs it.

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3 Couchsurfers ready to host too!

Got 3 positive replies from CSers in Brussel. Holla!