The Reeflings weekend (25-26/03): making it real

Hello @reeflings,

Here’s a final post about the Reeflings weekend.

1. Planning

Roughly speaking the weekend is planned as follows:

  • Saturday: talk about “soft” issues such as:

    • Are we on the same page when it comes to our values? What does “sustainability” mean? “Solidarity”? Etc
    • How can we become more efficient in how we work?
    • … (other issues that came out of last plenary)
      (details will be worked out by Team Community)
  • Sunday: “hard” issues or else plenary meeting all day (see list below)

On Sunday it looks like we’ll also get a visit from our coach Mark, probably during the lunch break.

2. Preparation of the topics

Below you can find a list of all the topics that we have in the pipeline.

Because it will be impossible for people to read up on 10 topics the day before the weekend, my proposal is that everybody prepares their topic by next Monday 20 March for the first 4 topics (which should go on the agenda of the plenary meeting of 23/03) and by Wednesday 22 March for all the other topics. These deadlines ideally include a revision by 2-3 proofreaders (as agreed).

When you are ready, can you please send me a PM with the link to your proposal or document?

Here’s the list:

  • Process to enlarge the Board (@ClaudiaPr & @Sarah)

  • How to differentiate people’s contributions to the 200k we need for the option to purchase the site (Lie, taking over from @alberto)

  • Strategy for scouting (@MariaClaudia & @MariaAM)

  • Should we do another round of recruitment? (Lie & @RalfWetzel)

  • Unit pricing (@RichardB)

  • Select a Board (@ClaudiaPr & @Sarah)

  • Summary report on le programme (@JolanWuyts)

  • How to approach inclusion (@Sophie_Beese)

  • How to finance the multi-purpose room (Lie, taking over from Malaz)

  • The Reef’s building budget (@alberto, if time allows)

  • The confesseur: revision & clarifications (@reef-finance?)

  • Organigram revision (@ChrisM and @Sarah)

3. Your attendance

Your attendance would be highly appreciated on both days, but if you have to choose one day, then the Sunday will definitely be the more important day.

This is the link to where people confirmed their attendance: Reeflings weekend 25-26/03 (@reef-logistics: feel free to launch another poll if that makes your lives easier)

4. Logistics

This is the link to the thread on the logistics: Weekend 25-26 march - Logistics


Thanks for all this @Lee!

Team Community (as we hope to be known as after that weekend:) will put a programme together for the Saturday. We’ll set up a meeting for that after you and I have talked later this week to clarify a couple of things…

And the finalised ‘organigram revision’ proposal will be ready for review by the 22nd :slight_smile:


@Lee Just a clarification question: is the 26th also a plenary meeting then? As in, we intend to have two next week, the 22 and 26th?

Hi Vicky,

Yes, that’s correct.

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@ChrisM and @Lee could you please confirm the timing of the program? Starting time and ending on Sat + Sun. I received a few questions regarding this, but I am not 100% sure. (And this way we can also plan the potluck on Saturday and know what time we would need to reserve a restaurant.)

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Couple of things still to sort out, but will be able to do this on Thursday evening :slight_smile:


Hey @Lara!

So the Saturday session will be from 2pm to 7pm, and the Sunday session from 10am to 5pm. It’s possible that we might finish earlier on the Sunday, but that will depend on how things go on the day…


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Hello dear @reeflings,

Here’s a final post on a couple of logistics points:

When do we start?
  • On Saturday we’ll start at 2 pm sharp. Those who are joining for a potluck lunch are welcome starting from 12:45.

  • On Sunday we’ll be changing to summer time, so let’s wait for @Chris’ call to see whether we can meet at 11 instead of at 10.

What should you bring?
  • If you would be willing to do some note-taking and you like to work with a keyboard that has the letters in the right place: your own laptop

  • For eating and drinking: as indicated in Lara’s post (can’t find it) a plate, cutlery and cup

  • For Saturday’s potluck: enough food, given that we won’t be very numerous

  • A pillow or cushion (if you can fit it in your bag), so that we create a cozy sitting corner

  • A little something to decorate the room: the room is promising to be cold and ugly, so whatever you bring to bring in some joy and beauty will be very welcome

  • Books: it would be nice if we could also create a little books corner. I’ll try to bring some of my books. @ChrisM, if they fit in your bag, can please bring my other books?

  • @ugne: can you please bring the money box?

  • A water boiler: can somebody who is joining for the Saturday potluck please bring a water boiler?

  • If it fits in your bag pack: a board game (just in case)


Will do!

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The general feeling at the plenary last night was to start at 11h, so that’s the current position :slight_smile:


I’ll bring a kettle :slight_smile:


Hello @reeflings,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful weekend. It was a bit intense, but I enjoyed spending time with you and making so much progress on many fronts.

Here’s a couple of points on the follow-up:

  • Can the photographers please save their pictures in a new folder in the Photos folder?

  • Can the person who took a picture of the Saturday brainstorm results please save the pictures in the Archive folder in the “agendas and minutes” folder?

  • The request to reconsider to have some plenaries online and/or during the weekend has been heard, and will be picked up by Team Governance & Working Methods. They will come forward with a proposal shortly.

  • Next steps:

    • A post on the planning and tasks for April and May, for the sake of transparency and in preparation of the Coordination Group meeting on 05/04
    • Meeting with the notary on 03/04
    • Coordination Group meeting on 05/04
    • Plenary meeting on 17/04 where we’ll take some crucial decisions

@reeflings notes from Q&A with Marc are in the plenary meeting notes ! I don’t think I captured everything. If I was not sure about the accuracy of my notes, I left it out. Feel free to look through them and add on if I forgot/missed something.


Thanks for this @VickyVanEyck ! I can"t see your notes in the Agendas and minutes document though. Did something go wrong? Am I not looking at the right document?