The world unfolding- news from Edgeryders in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal, Romania and Ukraine

Hey everyone,

Hope all is well with you (and Ramadan Kareem to the fasters).

Over the past two weeks a lot has happened.

We have worried about friends and fellow Edgeryders in Armenia dealing with aggressive attempts to repress demonstrations. You can read Anna’s account from Yerevan (especially the comments are very helpful if you want to understand what’s going on).

We have also been inspired by the stories of interesting and inspiring projects from different parts of the world as Anna, Inge, Hegazy, Natalie, Driss and Mikhail share what they learn on their case studies adventures. You can read, and ask them questions, here. These are being collected as part of the work of building a new digital handbook on networked collaboration.

Then there is of course the impressive work Anubhuti, Dipti, Matthias, Maria, Mena, Nathali and many others are doing in Nepal. For one thing their proposal for setting up offline internet servers made it to the final round of #hackthequake. The stories and reflections shared from people tackling long term challenges of rebuilding Nepal make for inspiring and sobering reading.

When it comes to me personally I spent a bit of time in Berlin with Sam Muirhead at the first edition of Open Source Circular Design Days and MakeCity- the city’s first festival for Architecture and Urban alternatives. Hopefully I’ll get down to doing a writeup about them both soon. For now I wanted to share a link to a course I came across during the events because it is relevant to several people in the community:

This was my own brief overview of what interesting things happening in Edgeryders - For a more detailed list of headlines and links from last week see this collaboratively built news wiki. 

Maybe see you during the community call tomorrow at 10:00 am :slight_smile: