Don't know how to build a great session at #lote4? Start here!

                                                                                 Edgeryders meetup in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hello all!

This wiki (and the conversation in the comments) is a resource for all the participants who have proposed sessions at lote4 or would like to. It is intended as a way for us to help one another shape sessions that make the most of our limited time together and make it easy for us to continue building on what comes out of them after the event is over.

How this works

If you haven’t already set up a session proposal page yet, then do so (see the how to guide). Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect, actually it’s better if it’s not. Why? because the process of developing session proposals is part of the learning journey. It’s also a great way to get to know one another before the event!

Next we need some information from one another as we try to assemble a rough program; also, there are things you need to know. Remember: we are still accepting submissions for sessions. If you want to propose one, you still can, instructions on where to upload it are available.

  1. What we need to know: please write the answers in the appropriate boxes below, we are making this a wiki.
  • Did you really propose the session? Sometimes it is unclear whether people are making a proposal or just playing with ideas. If you did not, after all, intend to propose a session just erase it from this wiki like this: Session Title.
  • Who will run the session? Just you? You and someone else?
  • How long is the session?
  • What is it? A lecture, a workshop, a shouting match? Can you make a rough program for it, so people know what to expect (example)?
  • How are you documenting this session so others who cannot make it can learn from it too? Who is doing this in your session? If you dont know please write that on your session proposal itself.
  • Do people need to bring along anything (example: laptops)?
  • Do you have any special requirements? (Example: Some sessions require people to move around the city e.g. to take pictures).
  1. What you need to know: tell us what materials you need for the session, and what participants need to bring with them
  • We'll try to put chairs, a projector and a whiteboard or flip chart in every room. Everything else, you'll have to ask for, and we will do our best to get it. Please write what you need on the session proposal itself.
  • If your session is longer than 45 mins, you might want to allow for breaks – but you already know that.
  • Please leave your room in order after you have used it. LOTE4 – The Stewardship is a community event running on practically zero budget, so respect the work of the volunteers that make the whole machine run.

And remember: it is not too late to work on your sessions to make them memorable. On the other hand, what we don’t build ourselves does not get built. So, let’s keep working!

Proponent (last to first) Title and link Type hrs
Add yourself (click the edit tab) Add the title of your session you get the idea  

Learning to learn about futures thinking Twitterstorm code: lote4 #futlit

Talk + Workshop 15 + 1.5

Wiring the swarm: Edgeryders collaboration dojo lote4 #swarmcollab

Short talk+ workshop 1

@mariabyck  @Bezdomny

Pirate Utopias, Psychotopology of Everyday Life, and Ratholes in the Babylon of Information lote4 #TAZ


Edgesense: stewarding online conversations with network analysis lote4 #netan


Fun T-shirts for Edgeryders lote4 #tshirts


How tourism can help rural areas lote4 #tourism


Thumb in the eye of society lote4 #trash


@Alberto @Ben

UnMonastery sessions at \#lote4 Talks, Workshops + Hackathon sessions  
@SamM Open Source Participation:fulfilling motivations

@donahu Stewardship and Reliability Discussion Group  



And if you need more hands on help...

The first step is to ask others. You can do so either in a comment on this page, or on the session proposal itself. Nothing happens in Edgeryders unless you write something that others can react to because we cannot read one another’s minds :slight_smile:

Looking forward to building a meaningful, generative and fun event with you!

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Hey guys, what do you think of the text above. Is it a good start? Should I include a link to some instructions for how to set up a session for lote4? If so which one… cc @Noemi @Alberto

I think adding a link to the existing session-proposal process would make much clearer, yes.

If I understand correctly, this is intended to arrange sessions that have already been proposed. But it’s not explicitly stated – perhaps you could make step 1 a link/summary of the ‘how to propose a session’ page

Works great for me

…and perfect timing. I’ve added the link to uploading a session and added my own, perhaps @danohu you might wanna go and edit your way in with whatever you think it’s missing. thank you, also for feedback elsewhere on needing more encouragement to propose a session. well taken.

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