Travel and accommodation tracking

We need to keep track of travel and accommodation of speakers and participants.

Let’s create asap and post a wiki to summarize LOTE5 needs on the platform. The LOTE4 wiki is the model.

Participant list is here.

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@Noemi I’ve never created a wiki, could you please do it and I will fill it in?

Up online

Here it is, does it work for you? We can link to it from the LOTE5 menu in a few weeks.

Anna please add your contact info and if you wish, the link to the google form with instructions, if you will use it.


Thanks dear! Just added my email address. Do you think I should share the link to the google form or wait till the participants contact me?

Don’t forget to add your info in the table too

I asked elsewhere but you probably missed it: is the form only for non EU participants? If so, better to have it up online so they know there’s a way to reach out (link to it from the wiki page?). If it’s for everyone, it doesn’t make sense to have it too on top of the wiki, it’s too much imho.

Either way, if you are managing this process it should work for you, so your call :slight_smile:

Just checked the google form

I will add my info as soon as I figure out my visa/finance issues! :slight_smile:

Just checked the google form and apparently there is important information about travel(carpooling,etc) that is necessary from everyone, so yes I agree we need to have everyone fill the form, though I can not promise to take care of the transportation logistics.

Are you saying we do not need the wiki if we are using the google form? How should we proceed then? Shall we delete the wiki and just leave the link to the google form for the participants to fill in? In this case it will be totally for the venue,travel and accommodation team  to match-make participants’ carpooling and accommodation sharing which in my opinion is too much for us. In case we leave the wiki, people could see available opportunities and contact the relevant participants themselves.

What do you think?

Ok keep both

Ok then, so you don’t have a strong preference for either. I’m sharing with you an email to registered participants so you can write yourself the call to fill in the form or wiki.


I’ll be flying into Stockholm on the 22nd before heading to Brussels. I’ll plan to couchsurf for one night in Stockholm unless any of you know someone fun to stay overnight with.

I’m naive to the area so I will appreciate any tips about hitchhiking or mass transit from Stockholm to Brussels. I might end up taking air but I prefer overland.