Venue, travels and accommodation team

Welcome! This group of people will help book and set up the space for Lote5 and keep everyone in the loop about logistics and how to get to Bxl, where to stay etc. Coordination is ensured by @ireinga and @Iriedawta.


If you want to help others be comfortable in Brussels, share your ideas below, take on a task and make it happen.

Tasks available to help you get a ticket

On site help: helping with check ins, collect speaker’s needs and make sure the room has everything, work out recycling, cooking, dish washing (if the venue allows it) etc. Leave a comment below saying what you want to do. We’ll trust you with that and send you a ticket before the event.


Set up wiki for travel and accommodation tracking (done)

Send out this letter to couchsurfers in Brussels

Got other ideas?

We’re up for rolling with any crazy ideas, so shoot by commenting below or immediately set yourself a new task.

Hello person interested in the Venue Team!

So far it looks as though we’re landing on dividing our time between Molenbeek and Saint-Gilles. Read all about it in our Report from Molenbeek.

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