Two scholarships for #LOTE3 available for Dutch residents!

UPDATE October 8th: The scholarships will be awarded to Kasper and Alex who have commented below. Congrats and see you in Matera!

We are proud to announce that the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome is officially supporting our community event! Thanks to Committee Matera 2019, a backer of unMonastery and thoughtful intermediary of our exchange, the Embassy will fund two Dutch residents to participate in Living On The Edge 29 October - 3 November 2013 and become involved in building the unMonastery. The scholarships, 500 EUR each, will cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Who can apply & how?

We encourage you to come forward if you are a resident in the Netherlands and if you have an educational background or experience in intercultural exchanges, networked communities, cultural management, performance art, social sculpture, visual design, or service design.

If you wish to apply you should write a short text telling us what your motivation is for attending Living on the Edge – The unPilgrimage in Matera and how you intend to contribute to Building the unMonastery (see ongoing discussions). Be sure to include a link to your personal site or resumé. Feel free to propose a session you wish to lead and explain how you plan to work with other Edgeryders already involved. We encourage you to post your thoughts as comments to this post, so the community can react to your submission and endorse it. The more positive responses to your comment, the higher the chances you will be awarded a scholarship. Note that you need to be registered at Edgeryders or logged in to be able to comment.

Deadline for submitting contributions is the 30th of September 7th of October.

Show some love!

To all Edgeryders reading, let’s be generous with our thanks: feel free to share this post and ping the Embassy on twitter @olandiamo and facebook /, as well as team Matera @Matera2019 & mt2019. Many thanks to Rossella Tarantino at Comitato Matera 2019 and Bas Ernst at the Dutch Embassy in Rome for making this possible!

What about YOUR embassy?

The Dutch are leading the way. but chances are your government can do the same. It does not hurt to write to your country’s diplomatic representation in Italy, show them this post and ask them to do the same. Just saying.


coordinate/build software needed for communities + more edgyness

I am a Dutch citizen, I hold an MSc in mathematics and I have studied sonology (“on the edge of music”) at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (listen) and artificial intelligence applied to music at the IRCAM in Paris. I have over 15 years of experience with web technology (cv). I have already helped with some things on this Drupal website. If I will be accepted for this scholarship I will help coordinating and building the software needed for participating and managing thriving communities (track 2 of the LOTE3 program). I would be very happy to use my skills and experience with community building and social networks and related software (Wikipedia, BeWelcome,, CouchSurfing) in an unmonastery context. I am also interested in selling radical ideas to corp/gov folks, how to take Hitchwiki and Trashwiki (two projects I’ve started) away from the edges towards the center of society: stop food waste and revolutionize public transport (track 1 of the program).

I’m looking forward to your reactions (and if by now you listened to my music you understand I’ve learned dealing with rejections, if however enough of you like it I could prepare the first stage performance in a decade for LOTE3).


Kudos for breaking the ice

Hi Kasper,

As far as I remember former Edgeryders events, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you yet!

It’s great that you’re applying for the scholarship, especially since you’ll be able to contribute to Lote on multiple levels. Can I ask how is it currently going with the communities you helped set up (wikipedia and couchsurfing i know, the rest not so much…)? Are there any collaboration points with the upcoming unMonastery, or with the physical community in Matera? BeWelcome in particular seems quite active, I can imagine the unMonastery team joining and BeWelcoming others in Matera, and learning from/ integrating the experience of being hosts with being visitors, the latter being their primary status after all.

What would you need to set up a music performance? Don’t do it for us, but if you are seriously considering this let us know what you need, ok?

To follow up on your application I think we’ll need to wait until end of month, to see who else is applying :slight_smile:

first contact with the French Embassy in Rome

Dear French Ryders,

A quick note to inform you that I contacted M. Denis MOURA, Conseiller pour la Science et la Technologie, at the Rome Embassy. I will gladly forward my sent email (in French) to whom may need it.

update : got a negative reply. but we’re welcome to contact them if Matera becomes capital of culture in 2019 :wink:


Same for Romanian Embassy in Rome

Preparing it, I just hope we stand a chance :slight_smile:

I would love it if you sent me the model for inspiration, I can read French - noemi [at] edgeryders [dot] eu.  And good luck, let us know when you hear back!

Applying the design process to Matera challenges

During the past 8 years I have been working as a designer in the Netherlands. I have done my design education at the Eindhoven University of Technology, which was focussed on interaction design, service design and the design process. In my time as a designer I have tackled a plethora of different projects. All of them come out of the same vision that I have had since I finished my studies: to support people to be creative by giving them the tools to design their own surroundings. That can be products that have more value because the users puts their own creativity and soul into it, or teaching people to look at their environment in a more creative way.

I have designed a number of creative tools, both digital and physical. These tools provide the user with a playful way to engage their creativity and are linked to production processes like laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing so the ideas users have can be turned into tangible results. I have organized numerous workshops, for everyday creatives and education, where we applied these tools and taught people about the way design and the creative process can solve problems. I would like to share this with Matera.

If I will be accepted for the scholarship I will be using the skills I have acquired during my 8 years as a designer in the field to the problems and challenges the city of Matera and its inhabitants face. I look forward to engaging with the local community in an open and constructive way and communicating the local knowledge and issues to the Edgeryders community. I want to do this mostly visually, through illustrations, pictures, products so it is tangible for the outside world. My goal as a designer is first to get a clear overview of the problem space, organize and document and then work on solutions together with the Edgeryders and the local inhabitants. I want to facilitate a dialogue between everybody who participates in LOTE and the unMonastery and kick-start a number of initiatives in a concrete, hands-on way. So, less talking, and more action!

I’m looking forward to hearing about your responses, and Kasper, I think we can work together quite well and contribute a range of skills with a Dutch flavour :).

My website

My blog


[guaka] and [thereallex], you are both the proud recipients of the scholaships which will fund your trip and accommodation in Matera! More details coming up via email, see you guys soon.