Lote5 fundraising: Reach out to foreign embassies in Brussels for travel grants

Nadia and I thought of something to help fundraising efforts.

  1. Build list of email addresses to all embassies and consulates in Belgium (can probably be gotten from the Belgian ministry of foreign affairs by Kira/Irene - someone who speaks the language)
  2. Write template email, get it translated by community members and sent out to all relevant embassies (ask people to add translation for their own embassy and name it)
  3. Send!

There is a precedent from LOTE3 when the Dutch embassy offered to fund two spots.

Assigning this provisionally to Kira and Irene for contacts and a template letter, then the rest of us can help with translating.


Got the list with addresses in pdf. How/where do I upload it?

Put them in the leads spreadsheet.

It’s in the drive, the same folder where the blogposts and pitch documents are. Just add a new sheet and copy paste the addresses into it ( two columns: email address & name of embassy/which country). Works?

well done btw :))

One step down, only 3 more to go :))))

Ha ok I went for this appraoch

And uploaded it here: https://edgeryders.eu/en/lote5/list-of-embassy-contacts-in-brussels, but I can do the google doc thing too.

Question: for every country? Or selection of larger EU area?

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Europe, Caucasus and more…

Let’s start with Europe and the a couple more countries where we’re seeing enthusiasm - Armenia, Georgia, Egypt… there, the problem is what comes first: visa or scholarship, given that scholarships would support participants getting a visa.

I uploaded here a template from 2013 in French, maybe we can adjust to and translate in more languages? My French is not great though, need a bit of help.

Spreadsheet please!

This enables us to send a customised template quickly today. Thank you <3

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We need the venue

I think our chances will grow if we have the exact venue in the letter, even if it will change later. Is there one we can put down with some confidence @KiraVde?

List of embassies here.

Template letters here.

Ping @Inge, @Anna, @Matteo_Uguzzoni, @Hegazy can you have a look and translate the letter in your own language, adapt if needed and send away? It would help a lot. <3


Up for translating the Italian

I’ll do it before the end of the day @Matteo_Uguzzoni

Georgian (and Dutch?)

Will do Georgian, but don’t think they have a lot of funds for this.

What about Dutch for NL embassy?

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Yes. They agreed for lote3

So there is a precedent.

The Egyptian Embassy does not have funds for travel grants or conference support, I asked.

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Yes, there is!

We can use the spaces of SmartBE/Brussels Art Factory

The address is:

Rue Emile Feron 70

1060 Saint-Gilles

Alternative travel grants

I found other two other potential ways to fly in LOTE5 speakers.

ECF STEP beyond travel grant:

STEP Beyond Travel Grants are designed for up-and-coming artists and cultural workers to travel between EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association), and countries bordering the EU. 

They accept a maximum of three individuals applying for the same event/project. The application should be written by the traveler and sent max 60 days prior departure.

Who could be a good candidate? @Noemi

Artichok is also an option from the Walloon-Brussels Bureau International de Jeunesse. All info here, main restrictions: beneficiaries should be bw 20-35 years old, have an artistic background and it should be in the context of a residency/atelier/creative workshop.

All applications should be sent by the 1st of January.



I think the EFC’s are great, but the second ones you listed are only for residents in Bxl region travelling outside. We can include this opportunity in the upcoming newsletter under Culture and creative industries. I can post about it separately and in more detail, so it goes out via twitterfeed.

PS Just sent the letter to the Ro embassy! fingers xx

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BIJ supports also foreigners traveling to Belgium

Just through this program, the Artichok. I’m checking with them the amount of paperwork and what are the next steps. Keep you posted!

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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I’m applying for ECF travel grant now and I need the names and emails of the hosts. Please advise whose names and email addresses I should mention.

Fingers crossed :wink:


Invitation letter

I see you need an invitation letter signed by the host organisation. I can sign for EdgeRyders, but I see that “The host organization must be located in the destination country”, so technically you may want Antiheroes to sign it, since they’re registered in Belgium.

Antiheroes can sign one

This is my email irene@antiheroes.org. @Iriedawta shoot me an email with the documents needed whenever.

Crossing fingers

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Thanks @Irene will do so asap!