Upcoming Community Call - "Any news @ ad-based economy?"

Hello, dear community members,

we are planning the next coming up community call.
What could be done about the Ad-based internet economy with emphasis on the news? An (almost) face to face discussion extending the discourse discussion: What Is to Be Done About the Ad-Based Internet economy? - #77 by johncoate

It will take place on Tuesday the 18th of June from 18:00 to 19:00 Brussels time on zoom
If you are interested:

  1. Feel free to specify and propose your own spin on it before and during the call.
  2. Invite whoever you think might be interested from within and outside the platform.
  3. Tell us if you would you like to take some of the topical lead during the call? Who would maybe prepare some questions or a case study/project to present to others?

Please comment here if you are interested and @ the people you think might be interested

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I def would like to participate!

Also think @johncoate, @erik_lonroth, @jasongreen, @felix.wolfsteller, @matthias, @JollyOrc, and @alberto would be interested to have an irl discussion on the topic?

I definitely am, and already filled in the Doodle :slight_smile:

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@anon82932460 here’s social line for push and visual:

Facebook, Twitter, news, we all use it for “free” but there’s a real cost: our data, our privacy. We want a different model. Join us in a community call on the problems of and the solutions to the ad-based internet economy


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@inge: Thanks for pinging me :pray:. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will be able to make up some time for this in the next weeks.

Thanks for that!

Doodle might be okay regarding privacy and stuff (I didnt closely look and dont want to become too technical, e.g. relating CDNs), but there are definately better (in the above sense) and Free and Open alternatives, like: dudle (TU Dresden) or framadate and probably a bunch of others (afaik there is a discourse plugin, too → @matthias ?).


Yes, there is the Discourse polls plugin, available from the post editor under “:gear: → Build Poll”. We use that at times for making appointments already, it works reasonably well.

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@anon82932460 let us know with links when it’s online so we can all easily reshare/retweet. Thanks!

That is good to know, how can we use it?

You basically list the proposed dates and times of an appointment as options in the poll. For details about setting up Discourse polls:

@anon82932460 what’s the update on this? :slight_smile:

Some issues with having proper access to posting. We’re working on it

Gained access to FB. Your text to share with this link What Is to Be Done About the Ad-Based Internet economy? - #49 by alberto ?

@anon82932460 that is a comment (the topic is 9821). If you click on it you will not see the original post, but comment number 49. It can happen that people want to share a comment, but it’s rare.

I do believe it’s better to share the whole topic in a post so people can get context. OK to share the link to the topic?

Shared the link to topic!

hm, it would’ve been better with event, anyway you can change it on FB? because we need people to first know it’s an actual event and they are invited, our aim with this social outreach is not to have them write, but join the call. (I shared this on riot)

Oh and please share the social links here with us

I would make inge and fsimonov hosts of the ER FB page so their comments display front and center. I would do it but I am not the host either. Sometimes I make comments there or post links, but they sit on the side where nobody much sees them.

Ok, the doodle (which in future iterations will be replaces by the Discourse Polls Tool) has been up for a few days now and Tuesday the 18th of June seems to be the best date at such a short notice.

Therefore I am now announcing a community call on the topic of ad-base economy and news for Tuesday the 18th of June starting time 18:00 - 19:00 on zoom.

We can now all invite more people we know who might be interested. Will update the top post with the date and time.

Would someone from the original discussion like to/ be available to preparing some initial questions or examples to get the discussion going?

@johncoate , @JollyOrc , @inge , @alberto, @jasongreen , @emilyjones , @matthias , @allegra , @erik_lonroth


I’d rather skip…