Update the news wiki with new content and calls for action

Hi friends,

now that everyone has had some time to get into their projects it is time to start using social media in a more focused and regular way. So how do we leverage our collective online presence to draw attention and engagement to all the beautiful work and opportunities for collaboration?

We have some past experience in running a variety of formats such as twitterstorms (flashmobs on the internet) that are very effective at drawing interest to community initiatives. and they are ALOT of fun for everyone involved.

To get ready for this we need to set the foundations in three steps:

  1. Step one is getting into the habit of aggregating the news in one place so that we know what to highlight. Projects move so quickly it is hard for anyone not following them to keep track. Also, it is important not to stop drawing attention to “older” content to honour the contributions of the people who took time to post them. Please update this wiki with content old and new from your respective projects today: https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/draft-community-news-23-06-2015

  2. Step two is producing status updates that catch people’s attention on social media and draw them into the page to read and engage with the content. The trick I often use is to copy paste what I have already posted on FB or Twitter from my personal accounts into the shared calendar :slight_smile: Please update the social media calendar with engaging headlines here: https://edgeryders.eu/en/agora/edgeryders-news-calendar-april-to-december-2015

  3. Step three is engaging more people to help by spreading the news with us. Join and count on me list and engcourage others to do the same? https://edgeryders.eu/kickstarting-the-countonme-digest-with-community-news-headlines-whos

The more people who do the above, the more effective and fun our social media outreach will be. A kind of drumbeat that helps us find one another and dance together :slight_smile:

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