Virtual Cafe 10 July: working session to schedule future Cafes with specific themes

Hi all,

Wednesday’s at 18:00 is when we meet with the team and any interested participants to discuss topics in the community, latest incredible stories and plan the work ahead.

This is where we meet:

@AskaBednarczyk @Mikomann it would be great if you could join. Please invite anyone who would be interested to learn more about the community!

I finish my work at 6 PM but I will try to join you directly afterwards, thanks :slight_smile:

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Great, to collect some of the proposals:

What do you think about the migration of the Ukrainians to Poland?

Why/what sex education do we need in Poland?

Are you afraid to send your children to religion classes?

How do we care for the elderly in the 21st century?

Women in Poland - stories and reflections?

I guess we can on Wednesday set up Facebook events for them and get them out to invite people to join.

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Yes. I like that thse are very specific questions. Is it worth having - for each questions a highlight story + host to promote ? If there is one of you stewarding each call then it will be easier to promote it and pay attention to the conversation on facebook.

We already have stories for most topics. We can also promote other relevant stories from anywhere in the platform - maybe have them translated first, or their summary, on Wellbeing in Europe.
For example:
How do we care for the elderly? - Welcome to old age/ retirement
Women in Poland - @Paulina’s story is great! about re-learning and adapting to new professions

Sounds like a plan!