Virtual Café 17 April at 18:00 CEST: Sprinting to map online channels for outreach

Hello team and community,

Our weekly call to check in about how we are doing in the project, what everyone is working on and also an opportunity to meet other people and share stories about wellbeing in Europe.

If you are new to Edgeryders and wish to know more about the project, this is your direct way in :slight_smile: You can meet others who are involved, like @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @Maja @Richard @Jan and learn about ways in which you can participate in the project.

Today’s call has a very particular goal: for 1 hour we will work to map people, groups, projects whom we want to reach and invite to join the community, in each of the main countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, and other countries depending on where participants are coming from!

To join the call please register here and you will be sent a link to a zoom meeting:

Learn more about the Virtual Cafes and how they work here.

See you tonight!

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@noemi Do I need to register each time or will last week’s link work?

Last week’s link will work!

Here is a big of guidance for mapping online channels:

We are doing this to help thecommunications person now being recruited to target the calls for participation and start with a strong sense of where potential contributors could be!

Spreadsheet HERE. Most team members should have access to it, if not let me know!

  • start by filling in the spreadsheet in the relevant wellbeing categories - I highlighted in yellow some which I think correspond to our 3 themes.

  • please input everything directly in your own language.

  • see Row 61 as an example!