Register for a Virtual Café! (online gathering)

Welcome and sign up for a virtual cafes! This is the easiest way to learn about the community of participants in Wellbeing in Europe, meet interesting people, access information and opportunities in the project. Come if you would like to find out more, are willing to share your experience, listen to others, learn and connect.

How it works

Participating in virtual cafes will help you become an active community member and learn how to access opportunities in the project: perhaps you want to become a local expert on a topic? or a local connector? or a member of our global team?

Where do I register?

Where do we meet?
We will be hosting the calls on Zoom - an easy to use video/audio/chat communication platform.

How to join a Zoom call:

Learn more about the online gatherings here.


let’s try it on Monday evening, 6PM CET for Poland

Czech call would work the best on Thursdays, 6 PM., but technically, this and the next week is not possible:/

Ok, check the updated registration pages now? I have scheduled them from end of March until end of July in this iteration. When you will have a description in your language of the calls send it over?

Welcome and sign up for a virtual cafes! This is the easiest way to learn about the community of participants in Wellbeing in Europe, meet interesting people, access information and opportunities in the project. The meetings are informal discussions with anyone who is interested in Wellbeing in Europe, is willing to share their experience, listen to others, and connect.
After registration check your email where you will receive a link to join the call!

(please adapt as you find fit!)

For English language calls I will go with Wednesdays 6 PM CET. Hope this works for you all so you can drop in from time to time? We will use them as both open team calls, project introductions to newcomers and coordination for the global Festival team.

Vítejte a přihlaste se do virtuální kavárny! Je to nejjednodušší způsob, jak se dozvědět o komunitě účastníků projektu Životní spokojenost v Evropě, seznámit se se zajímavými lidmi, získat přístup k informacím a příležitostem nabízeným v rámci projektu. Schůzky jsou neformální diskusí s každým, kdo má zájem o projekt Životní spokojenost v Evropě, je ochoten sdílet své zkušenosti, naslouchat ostatním a navazovat kontakty.
Po registraci si pouze zkontrolujte Váš e-mail, na který obdržíte odkaz, přes nějž se připojíte k online diskuzi!

This is a possible translation. But, please, do not get me wrong - in cases of urgency, I can always help, have quite a good software developed by our Institute and I am also quick - could be of everybody’s interest, in case anyone needs to read some things in czech: LINDAT Translation

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I am not sure, whether you discussed the topic name further, but I would prefer “Životní spokojenost v Česku”, Instead of “Dobrý život.” But both are acceptable for me:) There may be a little mistake in the schedule - it is all Mondays, but Thursdays are the good time for the Czech team:-P

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Yeah, you offered many choices and I didnt understand your preference, so blindly chose one :-))
Thanks for clarifying, made all the changes, added your translation, hope it’s all good!

Great, we managed to get on the same page:)

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Hi everyone, let me give you a short info about myself. My name is Goran Denić, I am an art director of ZMUC, a small art organization from Belgrade with large audience. I am not very fond of the cafes, virtual or analogue, but I will take this opportunity to translate into Serbian an “example” for those people in Serbia who might love to get involved but speak no English.
Dobrodošli i upišite se u virtuelni kafe! Ovo je najlakši način da shvatite kako radi zajednica koja učestvuje u Dobrobit u Evropi, da se upoznate sa zanimljivim ljudima, da imate pristup informacijama i mogućnostima u sklopu ovog projekta. Sastanci su neformalne rasprave sa svima koje zanima Dobrobit u Evropi, koji su spremni da podele svoja iskustva, saslušaju druge, i da se njima povežu. Nakon registracije proverite svoj e mejl gde će vam stići link da se pridružite pozivu!
I am new to this kind of communication so please be gentle to me, I promise I will get used to it quickly.


This is so generous of you @zmuc, I have of course added the translation, same for the Serbian forum summary, like you suggested. We are humbled to see your interest in the project, and please bear with us as we too, are getting used to running a coordinated multilingual platform :slight_smile:

I saw that you registered for a Serbian cafe, I am emailing you and other participant with a proposal, as the calls in Serbian have not actually started yet, we still need to make some decisions with the project team - @Jan and @Maja.
Many thanks again!