Virtual Cafe 24 April: notes. Which groups should we reach out to in the start of the project?

Attended: @Richard @MariaAlinaAsavei @Jirka_Kocian @Noemi:

We are in the process of mapping online groups and spaces where interesting conversations happen and where Wellbeing in Europe future participants and local connectors could be hanging.

Jirka was asking: Who we are interested in? What kind of demographics?
Remember these were some of our potential groups from when we started the project:

Young Adults
Young Parents (Small children)
Parents (Teens)
Baby Boomers
Rural vs. Urban
Culturally conservative
Minorities and others affected by
Other? Who is not included in this list but should be?

Places and how to start looking:

  • Searches on Twitter: example “Prague collective” shows many artistic groups and recent events which lead to different groups and organisations which can be added
  • Searches on Facebook: groups, pages, events!
  • Investigative journalism groups and projects on hot topics in the country
  • Pop culture i.e. influential vloggers (in Romania for example there are 14 year olds with tens / hundreds of thousands of subscribers vlogging about being transgender, coming out, or sex education for teens, etc.
  • Where other??

We agreed to for each community manager to spend 2hrs doing this kind of research and filling in the highlighted yellow areas in the spreadsheet.

To add example groups/channels from the Czech Republic :

  • Rodina prorodini (?): sports organisation and mix of Czech and migrants people (Christian Russians); a social context where people also talk about politics; also a lot of conversations happen online. Maria to add the organisation/ lady who speaks English
  • University for Elderly: Jiri to add reference
  • Teenager stencils artist messaging about values; Catolicism; and (it seemed) common decency with a twist. Maria to add reference
    … And so on!


My interest lies with the inclusion of minority ethnic groups.

As a BIPOC, I am unaware of the existence of such groups within the European context other than on social media platforms such as the twittersphere and faceb(f)ook!, apart from the likes of academic study groups like BASA (of which I am a member) and various e-bulletins of which I am a contributor and recipient.

To aid with determining and mapping online groups, may I put out a call to prospective researchers and interested parties in my networks?




@natalia_skoczylas do you remember what was the name of the group in Gdansk (if I remember well) that we met in CAE’s conference in Timisoara? They also do work on minority ethnic groups and are an organisation,

@jasonschumann rather than helping our team with the mapping, why don’t you just directly invite those groups to join the community and apply for the following calls? Compared to tedious team work, these calls offer more immediate rewards for contributions:

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That’s the Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury Gdańsk

Sent out via email and soc med.

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