Show us stories that matter, become an expert in a topic and get paid 200 €

Edgeryders are working together in order to build a bigger picture of wellbeing in the countries in Europe. Tell us about it and get paid for it.

Say, you’re working on an issue. You know of a problem in your vicinity that affects people you care about. You’re tired of a circumstance - related to health, your family, employment, community, faith - and you’d like to put it in writing to gain a new perspective on it. Or the opposite, there is something quite impressive, uplifting and constructive cooking up and you know a bit about it.

We are looking for stories that address some of the main social and political challenges in Europe - especially in Poland, the Czech Republic and Serbia. Tell us a story. Join a conversation, and let’s explore together possible ways forward. Those who want to contribute can count on support from the community members - researchers, community managers and local event hosts who will make it possible for you to follow the conversation and stay in touch with the participants.

This is a path for your deep learning in and with a community of people from all over Europe. You will be reading their stories, sharing your own, summarizing the conversation and participating actively in video calls and local events focused on your topic.

Why participate?

Everyone benefits:

  • A bigger understanding of the possible answers to problems with which they are confronted every day.

You benefit:

  • acknowledgement as our (country) community expert on the topic of your interest:
  • Training on new skills that are relevant for work in the digital sector such as online community management in a friendly and supportive environment where you learn by doing together with others.
  • Deep knowledge about a specific topic and how it is can be applied in different contexts for tackling problems that affect our daily lives and that no one can solve alone.
  • You are included on our online directory of (country) community experts for (topic). These are the people we ask first when relevant opportunities for paid work are available.
  • You get to be featured in a “Meet the expert” article produced by a professional writer
  • A payment of 200€ if your story is selected.

How to participate:

Step 1: Pick one topic that interests you:

Step 2: Come to a Virtual Cafe

This is an online chat where you exchange experiences around your topic together with other people. Several virtual cafes happen for each topic, each one in a different language.

Step 3: Join our online knowledge forum and follow the topic discussions.

Ask and answer thoughtful questions to learn more and help all the participants to broaden our understanding of the topic together.

Step 4: Write and publish a story related to one of the big topics.

Read the descriptions of the topic and write an answer to the questions in it.** The questions are not a test; they are meant as a help for you to get started with your story.

The best 20 articles and discussions following them will be rewarded with 200 € per contributor. Better hurry! We’re waiting for your stories until the 10TH of JULY (was: 15th of June) - the sooner you start, the more time you have to polish you work and publish comments.

How will we pick the best stories?

Half of the stories will be selected based on the interest of the community - the ones with the biggest discussion around it will be awarded.

The second half will be awarded by the community managers, based on the quality and depth of the picture.

How to get started:

This post was last updated on 24th June.

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