Want to host at #OpenVillage Festival? Book a call with a program curator!

Hello all! We are now collecting program proposals here and we have over a dozen submissions in many fields - from how to share care in a co-housing community all the way to how to deal with stress. To ensure that the Festival program is indeed relevant for everyone attending, each session benefits from an OpenVillage Curator who will help articulate its core question, find the right format for the day and promote it to draw more participation at the fest.

Good session descriptions draw valuable input from peers and boosts the visibility of your work. We push them out via our different channels and feature them in an upcoming twitter press conference. This draws interest from new allies, conference organisers, clients, collaborations, funders, investors etc.

Do you have a session you’d like to host and need help to figure it out?

Book an online call with a curator! Pick a date here and we’ll set you up with one.

Winnie Poncelet, Community Curator and OpenCare Fellow. A mix of engineer, entrepreneur, biologist and storyteller. ReaGent, Ekoli and other educational non-profits he co-founded in Ghent, Belgium, mainly work on rendering science and technology more accessible to diverse groups. A big focus is on the way in which they do it, always trying to stimulate cooperation and other values. In Edgeryders he’s now coordinating the OpenInsulin global group. Looking at things from diverse perspectives is a competence Winnie values highly. Say hi to him here.

Areas of expertise: #openscience #citizenscience #engineering #diy #biomaterials #interdisciplinary #collaboration

Gehan Macleod, Community Curator and OpenCare Fellow. A hoarder of bits of thinking and disruptive thoughts with occasional bouts of fundamentalism about things that should be simple. Lives in Glasgow, Scotland where she co-founded the GalGael Trust, which she prefers to think of as a social solidarity organisation rather than a charity engaged in traditional forms of community development. The collective works together on the demanding common tasks that demonstrate ways of living with more humanity in our times. Say hello to Gehan here.

Areas of expertise: #woodbuilding #community #activism #marginalization #publicpolicy #wellbeing #therapy #mentalhealth

Matthias Ansorg, Community Curator, Edgeryders Co-founder and CTO. An open source hacker who refuses to believe that his work borders on magic (it does!). Among other projects, he is currently working on a moneyless mass collaboration tool called PayCoupons and a new marketplace with six smallholder farmers from Nepal shipping coffee beans to Europe with no intermediaries. Say hi to Matt here.

Areas of expertise: #diyEverything #resilience #economy #development #opensystems #computing #EarthOS

Our team is growing and other curators are welcome! If you are interested to become one you can submit a proposal to curate a theme relevant to your work or draw from opencare conversations. Upload your proposal here.

Not registered for #OpenVillage Fest yet? Do it here. By submitting a proposal you get a ticket to the Meet the OpenCarers Festival track. Sessions that participate in the calls and take on board the shared learnings will become part of the official Festival program.

More support is available.

  1. We are still on the lookout for Fellows with interest in care topics across domains of work. An open call is ongoing.

  2. Full Festival Passes will grant free access to all festival tracks: Meet the OpenCarers on 19 October, Policy and Investment Lab and Building The Reef on the 20-21 October. Read more.

  3. Edgeryders offers financial support of 300 EUR/person for a limited number of active participants, which should cover travel and accommodation in Brussels. To access it, join a team and complete tasks here!

To forward this… Natalia?

Hey @Natalia_Skoczylas maybe some of the people you are reaching out to could use this offer?

I have a bit of a hard time understanding what expectations are from latest edgeryders in more remote parts of the world and if they are willing to join the festival? Are the stories from Bangladesh, Pakistan etc up for a ticket (=access)? or can they become sessions? If there’s people you know who would like to take an active role in the program, please forward them this offer? “Book an online call with a curator! Pick a date here and we’ll set you up with one”

Also hoping to catch you at the community call(s)!

hey @Noemi, of course, they dream of getting Fellowships/or joining the festival Response in Europe was much weaker, also the projects were not that interesting. Anyway, my opinions aside, I will forward it to them today - as we are closing the applications, they will have a clearer idea if they can join the festival and on what conditions now :wink:

Thank you:) There are two-three people more coming I hope.

Btw, @Noemi, where is the information about the fellows who will be building the festival? There is one, but do we have a page where we announce them and introduce them to the community?

It’s Winnie, Gehan and…

@Natalia_Skoczylas these up here are the ones so far. We are still on the lookout for a third person, as Matt is an in-house presence :slight_smile:

You can also find them listed here.