Get an OpenVillage ticket by inviting your intellectual hero at the event

Get An OpenVillage Ticket: Invite your Intellectual Hero at the event!

Hello old and new edgeryders, this is a task you can complete and get a ticket to our community Festival later this year (Oct 19-21)! 

Steps to complete it:

  1. Leave a comment below with the name and affiliation of an expert you want to invite - someone you know is doing inspiring work, or dream of meeting! Wait for our confirmation to go ahead.

2) Contact/ Email the expert. Below is an invitation to OpenVillage which you can use or remix. Also see the Comments with more templates.

  1. If they accept to come, we’ll send you the ticket to the event!


[Invitation] Guest Curator at \#OpenVillage: support selected healthcare and social projects with sustainability advice and business development

OpenVillage is a participatory built festival gathering outstanding community projects from all over the world which are on their way to a new health and social care ecosystem. The Festical is structured in three parts: a speedy discovery of promising projects from around the world; hands on work on business modeling and sustainability; finally, technical knowledge sharing and learning new skills from health practitioners, data analysts, policy makers, investors etc:

Day 1 | Meeting protagonists of revolutionary health and social care projects

Day 2 | Business modeling: hands on discussions and intimate networking with selected projects

Day 3 | Technical learning and knowledge sharing around health data, policy and investments (example sessions: Healthcare Paradoxes; Collaborative Design and Inclusion of Migrants, Masters of Networks for advanced data visualization and analysis, and more).

We’d like to bring you in for the whole festival, as a guest curator providing support for the business track we call Financing care. You would be involved in a low effort in the runup to the event, and our in-house community curators are tasked with keeping you up to speed and point you in the direction of most relevant projects.

A process for working together with community Curators

August | Community curators prepare 5 solid sessions & 1 blog post with a synthetic outline which you will receive

September | Preliminary call: Community + Guest Curators

September-October | Guest Curators leave comments online with feedback to relevant sessions

#OpenVillage Pre-event | Power Pitch Masterclass with curators and session leaders to optimize delivery at the Festival TBC

#OpenVillage Main Event 19-21 Oct | Guest Curators attend sessions and provide support and evaluation

If this sounds interesting for you, a first thing to do right now is to send us a photo and a short biography. We will announce your participation in a post like this one.

Other model invitations for OpenVillage

These can be used by anyone who wants to present OpenVillage to someone in their network - and invite them to come. Mix and remix is welcome!

cc @Matteo | @zoescope | @melancon | @LuceChiodelliUB | @Gehan | @WinniePoncelet

  1. Call for Session Proposals: visualisation. You can change the text in the visualization with your own, then save it as .jpeg or .pdf. Don’t forget to add a short introduction when sending it!

  2. OpenCare Co-Housing Story + Invite.

  3. OpenCare Collective Exploration + Invite.

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Thank you for sharing

Hello @Noemi, thank you for sharing this content ! I will for sure promote the event among our community at UBx :slight_smile:

Good idea!

What’s not to like? Engage with your hero and get a ticket for yourself!