Web 3.0 DevSprint @unMonastery:Matera?

I decided to write about it while still in quite raw state. Next days I want to focus on working with @mstn on delivering Public Transport Map of Matera and I don’t want this opportunity to slip away!

Above you can see one of the slides from presentation we prepared together with @alexwhitcroft during OuiShare Labs Camp #2 in Paris (co-organized by @Auli, @Dorotea and @dahacouk)

I would like to discuss possibility of follow up event in June here in unMonastery:Matera! @Nadia had chance to speak with few people involved in Labs camp during OuiShare Fest 2014. Also @Ben met @James Lewis in London during his last trip there. To my understanding James, @Samsemilio and one more person in Banana Budapest gang feel interested in coming to Matera for some time and work from here. On BB hackpad you can also find @Helene Finidori, @Ruxandra, @maxlath and me :slight_smile:

For focus of this event I would propose continuation of our work on Linked Portable Profiles, which would make it easier for people to participate in various online spaces without experiencing Network Fatigue. It also IMO fits perfectly in current developments around Network of Networks!

In such linked portable profiles, one could start publishing relevant information including:

  • Online Accounts - so our dear edgeryders.eu platform and hundreds of others don't ask us to retype it but can fetch it from where we choose to publish it!
  • Relationships - for those who want to publicly (for now, access control would come later!) state who who they know and which organizations, networks, projects, events etc. they participate(d) in.
  • Skills - like languages but also more specific skills, once again one can get really fed up if services like OpenTechSchool, Peer2Peer University, and 1000s other ones interested in your skills ask you to enter it yet another time. @fortyfoxes I guess also super relevant to Viral Academy you work on!
  • Assets - one can consider skills as assets but i wanted to give them special significance! here I mostly think in terms Products & Services, by enabling people to publish on their independent profiles what they Offer / Request we would avoid pulling the rope in opposite directions and trying to do IMO nonsense like User Acquisition which many Sharing Economy services ended up pursuing... I believe Makerfox could greatly benefit from it just as any other service which helps people to share more! @Matthias

Of course we wont get all that stuff of the ground in just few weeks! Still we can focus even further on creating a blueprint with simple toolkit for people who want to organize further DevSprints. I hope backed by various communities which we can interconnect through endeavors like Network of Networks. Also events like Living on the Edge, SenseCamps, OuiShare Summits etc. could greatly benefit from such toolkit and once again support its further development!

In context of Matera we have our challenge #6: “Lack of philanthropy and general inability on the part of many to raise funds”, once we generalize it from raise funds to secure assets, we could contribute to unMonastery sustainability as well as prosperity of various other organizations/projects we collaborate with. Not to mention creating stronger foundation to continue Hacking Grant Competitions to Award Communities :)

Last but not least we could create possibly major buzz on social media around this event. With participation of various people engaging in Network of Networks development, Decentralized Web groups and initiatives, Sharing Economy circles etc. I would happily take initiative in helping with arranging twitterstorm around such event!


Code for All

How could I forget to mention Code for All :slight_smile: I hope this network would also get involved in collaborating on such developments! As well as D-CENT, ReDecentralize, Digital Social Innovation etc. Some people in Berlin (Code for Germany) develop for example open source software for Community Supported Agriculture groups…

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In full support of this.

I owe @James Lewis an email regarding our meeting and possible collaboration with unMonastery, which I’ll send today. What dates specifically are you thinking @elf Pavlik and also what kind of duration?

only June for me, others need to clarify!

Myself I kept only time available to stay in Matera in June! For July I plan OKFestival in Berlin, Global Ecovillage Network Conference and possibly few other happening elsewhere… Also it looks like so far not so many people plan to stay here in June.

BTW we may need to include solid follow up on New Residencies issue while deciding on it!

Graph Search

Not sure how many people have tried and use this feature of Facebook, you can read about it on Introducing Graph Search page. We may implement something similar with a difference that people can publish their data anywhere on The Web! You can see details of how any number of servers can host any numbers of profiles in slides mentioned above :)

Sam, Daniel, James at Unmon in June

I just posted an update of my meeting with Ben a couple of weeks ago here:


Good to hear from you!

Hello @James Lewis, it’s really good to hear from you. And up to clever things, as always! Keep up the good work.

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Sam, Daniel, James at Unmon in June

Summary of what Sam, Daniel and I would like to do at Unmon in June, which we would enjoy doing together with people at Unmonastery.

1) Play with hackathon and living/working space concepts
- We're interested in running small, playful experiments to play with how we interact with each other, and with each other's projects. Our goal is to support each other better, support each others' projects, and find patterns that can be used in future in 'hackathons' and living/working spaces.
2) Common Projects
- Following from OuiShare Labs Camp, we want to continue looking for common threads that we're all working on, agree on common definitions, and build stuff together to share the work and avoid duplication. For us, our main common thread is the Linked Profile project which can be a foundation of many of our projects. We want to work towards understanding common functionality that everyone can use, and build it.
3) Personal Projects
We each bring our own personal projects:
 - James: Human Search - connecting with people based on your un-Googleable needs (building on top of Linked Profile). 
 - Sam: realtime tracking of common resources. Interest to drive some of the 'Play' projects to optimise group collaboration and processes
- Daniel: Web Workstation: a tool which can be used to browse the web in an interactive and  collaboratorive way. Even static html pages can be commented or  annotated and shared between users.
As per the Facebook thread, we're completely happy to integrate with existing members and their routines, including any stuff like cooking and eating together, and regular routines like morning/evening updates.
Cheers :)
James, Sam, Daniel
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Hi James,

This was approved in today’s meeting - I believe myself and @elf Pavlik will be taking leadership on organising the logistics. Today is quite frantic but how about we schedule a call for tomorrow morning?

Very excited about this :slight_smile:

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Cool! We’re very excited

Can’t wait to be back in Matera

Yep, call tomorrow is good, will email you.

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Very likely we can allocate smallest bedroom for 3 of you (post with building plans .dwg)

Still coworking space and kitchen IMO could easily serve at least 3 more people! We could start with bootstrapping accommodation search in case few more people would like to jump into action now and then, while appreciating hospitality of local community :slight_smile: @guaka ?

When it comes to food I hope that we can order some basic ingredients in bulk and then focus on investigating further in-kind donations of food served at unMonastery nodes.

If you want to get here all together I would suggest checking ridesharing services, especially BlaBlaCar, you could also take some time to hitchhike but most likely splitting on a way and practicing patience if you can’t communicate in italian language :wink:

Last but not least, I hope we can help with running some Open Tech School workshops in Matera, please check out call for collaborators published by @Kei and elaboration posted by @Ben. Also if you can work with hardware please bring your soldering irons and other tools since we may do some Restart events

LDP > N3

When reading through the resources Henry used to send via E-Mail in Paris, I’ve read a little about N3. It seems to be an interesting way of logically querying LDP RWW stores.

I had to think of Alex’ UI proposal/sketches once again.

geek talk on other channels please!

Hey Jon,

Happy to see you jumping in!

Let’s please keep technical talks on other channels, including OuiShare Labs and W3C.

Most people here can find it a noise and we already struggle with clear strategy for our communication :(

Same goes to me, if I get to technical here, someone please also remind me to save it for other audiences…


No problem with geek talk :slight_smile:

On the contrary, @elf Pavlik, there is no problem with geek talk. It could even arise curiosity in the less technical edgeryders. Remember? Some randomness in the interaction is good… :slight_smile:

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Working on the sprint from afar

Hi all,

I am not available to come to unMon in June (until the last week, when I’ll have to leave as soon as I’ve arrived).

I do however want to be involved and should be available to collaborate, think, work, etc from Copenhagen, where I will be for most of June.

Looking forward to it.  Sad I won’t be there to break bread with you all! :confused:

strong emphasis on remote participation!

4-6 people staying in Matera can set rhythm and help with staying focused on topic, still I would like to make sure that everyone who wants to participate remotely also has possibility to feel connected!

even better if people can manage to run shorter satellite events during those few weeks and still have chance to meet and work together #IRL :slight_smile:

of course while we work here in Matera we may want to already plan further events elsewhere to ensure continuity of all the desired developments!

I’ll check if friends in Emerging Leader Labs would like to peer in June :slight_smile: @Kei I really need to put you in touch with @artbrock! BTW @nathanairplane if you stay in touch with Devin Balkind maybe he would also like to join there? I know that he sometimes stays in the same location as ELL site + while ago I helped for a while to run an instance of Sharetribe for their Permabank project…

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Yes please! Inclusive remote working!

I can offer a place to work in my house in West London in the second half of June.  Big table, lots of light, garden, local pubs, may be able to manage floor space too.

I’ll also be working and the Copenhagen Uni Biosciences building for most of the first half of June where there is free workspace if anyone wanted to join me.

always interested in how to do remote effectively…

…and that really seems to be the whole issue re. Edgeryders (such a spread out network trying to stay connected)

Collaboration / working space in England

Just spoke to some people in England about free spaces for living and or working for  after the unMon:Matera sprint then.  Mainly they are all provided on Meanwhile Leases (so you don’t know how long you have them for) but they are provided free for charities, social enterprises, etc. and so could be a really good option:

3space.org - Hot-desking in central London (charities only).  Work space in Croydon.  A number of work spaces coming online in South England in June/July time.  PS: They will be piloting &Share in there spaces.

healthyplanet.org - Work spaces in London and South East England.  Waiting to hear details / availability back.  Interested in &Share and going to discuss further.

dotdotdotproperty.com - Accommodation for free.  Waiting to hear details / availability back.

commonfutures.eu - Currently running the Common Libraries project.  Not able to provide space for us directly, but very well connected with people who have spaces they want to find socially beneficial uses for and reckon they can help us find a space that will work.  Busy/away now, but meeting them again in mid June to discuss.


ping @CommonFutures ^