Fast forward through Community Calls: April - Dec 2014

If you skipped those, here’s a recap…

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Sept 4th

What we discussed was focused around the upcoming community event Living On The Edge the fourth edition:

1. Curating the program: where are we with case study collection and invitations for session proposals?

2. Communications: Twitterstorm announcement is up, help spread it? Takes place Tuesday, Sept 16th, at 12 PM CEST.

3. Teams, tasks completion -> earning tickets. @Natalia Skoczylas is starting to issue tickets to Edgeryders who have done collaboration work, stay tuned!

Call minutes are available here.

August 28th

The call was focused on creating a roadplan for the next two months, as we race to our 4th annual community event - Living On The Edge (LOTE4), also known as The Stewardship. Circa 40 Edgeryders joined their preferred team to help shape Lote and earn a ticket, so now that summer’s over it was a good time to tighten up. Call minutes available here.

June 12th!

A new hackerspace is being built near Lisbon (Dorotea has the juicy details), to the Linked Portable Profiles currently being built at unMonastery by team Pavlik and James Lewis, which would make it easier for people to participate in various online spaces without experiencing Network Fatigue.

On the social media team front, we are on our way to make it easier for community members to catch up with latest projects updates and share the work of tweeting and facebook updating - stay tuned as we launch a call for mailing list countonme signup.

With futurespotters in Tbilisi approaching fast, @Aden our videographer for the event is in the process of building a strong offer for everyone in attendance: a package - Communication Kit for each participant to leave with which would help them further their own initiatives.

Full call summary available here.

Summary of the call May 22

We could catch up with some news from Matera, Viral Academy and unMonastery and the upcoming activities there, thanks to Adil and @K , who will post in the VA group about the activities they coordinate, and also she can share some proposals on how to engage better the community around the unMonastery.

Me (@Dorotea ) and @Auli could chat about different things related with Lote and just catch up in general.

Summary of call May 15 

-Introduction of project viral academy (Prototyping at Matera, an Edgeryders Project).

​-Introduction of a French “Co-funding platform”

-"Building our yearly community event this fall (LOTE4), in terms of expanding on-going discussions on technical and logistical strands of the event due in OCTOBER 2014.

Full call summary available here.

Summary of call May 8

Among @Noemi, @Ben, @K we decided to look closely where overlaps exist between the Viral Academy, unMonastery and Spot the Future in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt. This is mainly to be done through more efficient communication, helping people get a sense of project overviews and live developments. We want to connect them and the broader ER community, so we’re dedicating the next community call to a VA presentation of the methodology to see if organisations in Georgia or elsewhere can benefit from it. Concrete proposal for collaboration is here.  Also read full call summary.

Summary of call May 1 2014

Summary coming soon. help structure the write up please! its here.

Summary of call April 24th 2014

We took the time to catch up with @Caroline Paulick-Thiel, @mishek, @Auli, @Dorotea, @Nadia & Noemi.

Turns out Dorotea and Auli are helping organize OuiShare Labs in Paris next week; it’s free so anyone can join, starts 1st of May!

Major happenings in Berlin: Caroline to present ProsumeTime, a project from the NextLearning research platform asking “What kind of learning culture is needed to move on to the next level?”

Mishek’s currently doing work around health self-organisation: what works in the real world? What context needs to be there for selforganisation and open culture to happen?

3 tasks to take on

  • Pending issue of notifications
  • We need a structured way to manage new content from Georgia, Armenia, Egypt so people in the wider community can see where help is needed. We're looking into what kind of overviews would be useful for connecting globally.
  • Upcoming on Edgeryders: group on Public Policy Innovation coordinated by Caroline