Who am I



this i need to figure out first, one thing i know for sure i  am devi, which is  kind of funny in georgia. in indonesian language, and i am half indonesian, it means princess, in georgian language, i live for three years in georgian mountains, it means a very huge wild mountain creature



Devi is a funny name in Georgian indeed :). So, what can you tell us about yourself? Have you lived in Georgia your whole life? And just wondering, in which mountains in Georgia did you live? I have visited many places in Georgia, but unfortunately never Svaneti.

And most interestingly: what kind of stories about innovative change in Georgia can you share with us? Check out the Georgia group for interesting stories from Georgia so far :), browse through arrivalsMaking a LivingMaking a difference and Caring for commons. See documentation from the workshops and learn how you can get involved.


which mountains

somewhere between Pankisi, where i spend most of the time when i am not in mountains and the mountains of tusheti, khevsureti and pshavi. nope i am not georgian, i am half indonesian, half german speaking chechen and georgian. give me some time to figure out what for edgeryders is, right now i am a bit confused with all the information, long sight some friends of mine and me want to initiate some projects in countryside especially for women and girls.



Wow, thats great! Gender issues are very important for Georgia! There is a lot of information indeed, if you have any questions please feel free to ask them to me. Basically it’s a platform where we share our ideas, skills, challenges, help. If you happen to be in Tbilisi tomorrow, it would be great if you could attend our bi-weekly meeting, I would be able to explain you there and then more about the platform. But if you cant make it, I can of course help you virtually :wink:


wlecome devi !!

welcome to the platform . hope u have a good time here also

am just wondering how is it to live mountains :)  and can somebody explain what’s funny about the name - for the non georgians - :):slight_smile:


what is a devi

a devi in georgian language is really huge, wild, around 300 kilo heavy, very ugly and if people see me, i am 1,59 cm tall and  around 50 kilo they start to laugh

and in mountains its great, i could never imagine before.


Maybe browse through these videos for inspiration?

Re: our email conversation, I think this can clarify what people in the community care about and what projects or ideas are happening; these are also some of the faces you’ll be seeing in Tbilisi if you’re coming. Hope it helps!