Wifi at the event venues

This is public documentation about the wifi situation at the event venues, and what we’ll do to provide wifi for everyone (as much as possible …).

1. Wifi at venue “La Serre”

What is available:

  • one main router, in the office upstairs, accessible by LAN cable (4 free ports) for temporary installations
  • Internet contract is a flat rate with unlimited data volume
  • uplink bandwidth is 24 Mbit/s according to this speed test done 2017-10-09 by Dimitri from Communa:

What’s left to do:

  • Distribute the wifi signal through the building, using 2-4 additional wifi routers connected to the main router by LAN patch cables

What we’ll bring:

  • two FritzBox 7050 wifi routers (quite old but usable …)
  • one spare wifi router from @alberto
  • one more wifi router (to be purchased by @matthias)
  • one LTE router as backup uplink, can probably also act as a normal wifi router
  • one 100 Mbit/s LAN switch (to be purchased by @matthias)
  • multiple LAN patch cables in lengths of 0.5 - 50 m

Open questions:

  • Can we please get the password for administration of their router?

2. Wifi at venue “Au Quai”

What is available:

The “5 device limit” can be removed in the router, or by connecting our additional routers to it which count as one device each, but can connect 20 devices of their own that the main router can’t see.

What’s left to do:

  • Distribute the wifi signal through the building.

What we’ll bring:

  • (the same hardware as listed above for “La Serre”, which we will move over after the first day of the festival)

Open questions:

  • Can we please get the password for administration of their router?

Comment by @noemi via e-mail (moving it here to keep all the strings together …):

[quote=“noemi”]Matt, since we’re only spending 1 day at La Serre is it worth installing so many [wifi routers, namely 2-4]? I would hate that you spend more than 1 hour setting it up…

How about you install 1 router there and the rest of 2-3 in the other venue which is larger and will need more. If you are in town on the 18th I suggest we do it then.[/quote]

In this case it’s not so much the rooms that require installing more routers, but the number of people. Every router can handle no more than about 20 wifi connections at the same time. So for 80 people I’ll have to install more than one unfortunately.

And yes, we can do it on 2017-10-18.

Ciao a Tutti

Vorrei chiederVi se durante tutte le sessioni del Festival sia possibile integrare ed utilizzare delle webcam wi-fi in una infrastruttura ict parzialmente dedicata allo streaming.
Poiché la struttura ospitante è totalmente inagibile per le persone con una disabilità fisico motoria - e parzialmente per le persone con una disabilità sensoriale - rendendo di fatto “complicata” la presenza e la partecipazione alle attività dell’evento (come allo scrivente), potrebbe essere quanto meno opportuno dare la possibilità di “interagire” via telematica (es: google hangouts et similia).

Con l’auspicio che il prossimo “living on the edge” possa essere materialmente accessibile ed aperto a tutti, ringrazio sentitamente per la considerazione e per quello che si riuscirà a realizzare in tal senso in occasione di questo evento.

Hello to All

I would like to ask you if during all the Festival sessions it is possible to integrate and use wi-fi webcams in an ict infrastructure partially dedicated to streaming.
Since the host structure is totally inoperable for people with physical motor disabilities - and partially for people with a sensory disability - making the presence and participation in the activities of the event (like the writer)“complicated”, it might be at least appropriate to give the possibility of “interacting” by telematic means (e. g. google hangouts et similia).

With the hope that the next “living on the edge” can be materially accessible and open to everyone, I thank you very much for your consideration and for what you will be able to achieve in this regard at this event.


Okay, then can we take the 18th to install 2 in La Serre / and 2 in Au Quai to not run around during the event to move everything? We will move them and add extra in Au Quai evening of 19ths, the first day of the festival.

For when do you need the passwords for router admin?

@matthias we also have an extra router if needed.

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Hi @matthias! Would it be possible to set up video conferencing? @matteo & partners in Milan are asking. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @francesco_maria_zava, that would be a good idea indeed. The problem is we won’t know until we test the connectivity.

Then the second thing is that streaming requires microphones and given the many speakers and presenters I’m not sure there is a way to do it professionally- unless someone in the community is experienced with that. @michael_dunn offered to make a podcast, maybe that is less challenging than webcams?

What is sure is that there will be detailed documentation of everything we discuss, ideally posted during the conference days.

Let’s stay with this… adding it to my list of to dos…

I Podcasts + i resoconti giornalieri mi sembra la soluzione ottimale per “avere” l’atmosfera del Festival!
Naturalmente per me sarebbe bello essere virtualmente presente durante la presentazione di OpenRampette, schedualata la mattina di venerdì, magari proprio utilizzando Google Hangout. Credo che questa soluzione non sia complicata da adottare.


Podcasts + daily reports seem to me the best solution for “having” the atmosphere of the Festival!
Of course it would be nice for me to be virtually present during the OpenRampette presentation, scheduled for Friday morning, maybe using Google Hangout. I believe that this solution is not complicated to adopt.

Thank You


I’ll ask the network here in Scotland - Independence Live. Since the Yes movement lost the referendum in Scotland in 2014 there has been an significant increase in citizen media. Since then Indy Live have broadcast and livestreamed numerous events and have generated a significant amount of expertise on this. I’ll ask if they could recommend anything that would work with limited connectivity.
Podcast is also a good option and might be the best available given connectivity.

There is enough bandwidth for one Google Hangout video stream for sure, and I’ll have a switch and network cables so it does not bug down the local wifi. So yea, putting a notebook with a webcam there should do. As for adding an external mic, we’ll try what we can do and find one.


Tanks a Lot, Matthias! :slight_smile:


How about a hackpad for collective note-taking and editing @matthias?

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We’re discussing this over here now.

Hackuarium might want to do a hangout too during the festival!
Can we figure out best times/days for these, and make a sort of rota, if bandwidth/connections are lacking?
(looking forward)

@rachel You can do a hangout, and we’ll even have enough bandwidth for two in parallel, but only if you are connecting to the network with an Ethernet cable (to the blue switch in the corner of the main room).

Please do not do a hangout over a wifi connection, it would congest it for all.

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Dear @francesco_maria_zava, there is now an (experimental …) Google Hangout up for you here:


Please try it and let me know if it works. It will only be active while there are sessions, so not during lunch, the Urban Game etc… See the program for timings.

Edit: @anu tested it for me. It basically works, and our wifi is still fast, but I need to find a better microphone. We’ll have that tomorrow it seems.