Join a team!

I’m down for communal cooking and social media if that’s still available (presence contingent)

@noemi Done! When we get a moment, I’d love to talk about how my contributions might enable my entry to some or all of the festival, as the 300euro is out of my budget range. Regardless, I look forward to meeting with you and talking more :slight_smile:

Hi @anique.vered, wow looking forward to read it. No worries, you are welcome to join, since you are now well socialised on edgeryders - we sell tickets for people who don’t have the time or will to join a community conversation, and prefer to support or contribute in other ways. With that, we make sure there are no consumers, but a common understanding that we are making something valuable. So everyone is welcome to join in ways that make sense for them… We’re very busy or very poor, or both… So it makes sense to try to design for as many different situations.

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@noemi oh that’s wonderful to hear, thank you! Ok, well talk more in the community and food calls and looking forward to meeting you in the flesh next week.

@gehan @natalia_skoczylas @noemi So I’m going to take a look at the harvesting plan in the next couple of days and share some thoughts. Will then make myself available before and during the festival to soundboard/ support where necessary :herb:
@natalia_skoczylas Also could you please share in the harvesting plan those categories that you and Nadia came up with and she mentioned in the community call now? They don’t seem to be there yet and I think they’ll be useful for thinking strategically through some of the auto-harvesting possibilities too… Merci!

you’re a hero <3 This is where we’re at technically - Wifi at the event venues

and @gehan here is the doc where we started preparing the toolkit with @nadia for efficient harvesting. The first page contains keywords/categories we’d like to address - please feel free to leave comments on the doc


I wanted to ask a few of you if you agree to be the team leaders - What this means in practice is that your names will be in the festival information materials - and you will be the contact points for everyone who has signed up in that team. You can agree together how to work or where to meet, if need arises.

No need to confirm for some, as I know we have agreed already. Please raise hands if you are not confortable with this. Thanks!

CHECKLIST FOR TEAMS - please add here what we should be paying attention to or what needs to be bought or made available in the venue!

  • @gehan (Harvesting onsite - includes facilitation)

  • @cindy (Harvesting digital -includes video, photo, audio; @owen would help with this I guess)

  • @alex_levene (ceremonial stuff and time management);

  • @anique.vered (food preparation),

  • @emsone (tech support and problem solving - which means you’d be the one who would contact the owners if needed, or mobilize others to help- @matthias will also be there and other skilled people, but we need a contact person);

  • @Heba (social media - it means picking up photos / video from where they are uploaded by those with cameras, or sharing live update on edgeryders channels, or quotes etc - you know Yosser and Zmorda already, so it will be a good opportunity to bond :)).


That would make @emsone (hello there btw!) the coordinator for the technical team. Please adapt in the first post accordingly (where Natalia listed me as “coordinating” today), or otherwise tell me what exactly is my responsibility as coordinator. Both works :slight_smile:


i would like to help out with cooking on Day 1

Just saw this love and yes that should be fine although I think it’d be
nice if I co-lead with Nabeel as he’s been super involved and I like
working in collaboration.

anique yael vered

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*leadership collaboratif – d
éveloppement participatif – p
*hilosophie du

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Hi @cindys

looking forward to meeting you at the festival. I have a request: would it be possible for you to reframe the question you would like to ask away from electoral politics? The reasoning is that it is sort of counter to our ethics of not passively waiting for others tomorrow - but rather taking action now…


Putting myself down in the blogging team. :sunny:


Fair point. It’s more about a better formulation and analogy, right? As a doer, I consider myself the Prime Minister of All The Stuff I Can Do Today, everyday. That’s not how I communicate it though :wink:


Alberto, I looked into the hackpad option but it seems Dropbox is changing it so we’ll need to get an etherpad installation on our server if we want to use simlutaneous note-taking and editing (which is a great idea). Anyone who can help? Im lookin at you @bilal or @baderdean :)))

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@nadia let’s do it. We have two options.

  1. install a hackpad on your server (yes hackpad has a full-featured
    opensource version)
  2. move to which is a free hackpad hosting service

Dear @noemi! I’m happy to be a/the contact person during the event. However, I won’t be able to help with the setup before Thursday as I arrive in Brussels only on Wednesday evenig.


@noemi, sign me up for the CHECK IN team on Day2!

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@noemi Just wanted to follow up on co-leading the food team. I think it’d be a good idea to clarify the various edges of food and where things are at so I can feel at ease in stewarding.

@nabeel_p As per above, I thought it felt appropriate for us to co-lead - how does that feel for you?

@natalia_skoczylas What’s the best way for you to download the various components and where they’re at to me/us? I’d be happy to do a call tomorrow or you can share a list over email, as you like… :corn:

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mmm I am nervous about “free” services - how do we know that the materials won’t be lost, who to approach for help if things go wrong etc…so seen from here a self-hosted hackpad is better. Would you be up for installing it? ping @matthias is the man with the keys to the server :slight_smile:

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