Wiki: Circular economy success stories - coordination

Map of the possible case studies for the Treasure project

Recycling, in particular batteries in the sea

CE a hub for companies operating in CE in Brussels. Dead end: no one among them is active in any type of automotive sector.

Balkan Beacons

World Economic Forum - Circular Cars Initiative

Circular Economy Germany

Sustainable automobility


I got it! :slight_smile:


following up on this, I’ll be working on the following themes in the next couple of weeks:

  • Georgia as a secondhand written off car market for Eurasia region, interviews with execs and mechanics, from high priced cars, to hard to find car parts. Already spoke with some people, so hope I will have something drafted by next week: aim to inform discussion.
  • Is a love for cars compatible with being environmentally friendly? Will include an interview with car sustainability expert Paul Nieuwenhuis (reaching out to him this week) and a fish bowl style event.
  • Reaching out to off-roaders event in the Netherlands to see if we can organize a workshop during the event (in Oss, close to Belgium, so poss @ivan can go)
  • I’ll be joining a women automotive summit this week to network and afterwards try to see if we will be able to organize an event during their winter summit.

Pinging @nadia



Finished a great interview with Paul Nieuwenhuis with lots of possibilities for follow-up stuff. He’s one of the very few academic experts on cars and sustainability.

@ivan @nadia how can I transcribe the interview to solidify it into a conversation starter / event follow up? I used to have an otter subscription but don’t anymore and know edgeryders has access to another service, correct?

Also @ivan I heard back from the women in automotive industry event organizers, and they need $$$$ if we want to organize an event during their event. Let’s talk next steps during our call?

Also, still hunting down ppl for the Caucasus auto import story… maybe I’ll be successful in pinning them down this week… :smiley:

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Go headhunter go!

For the transcripts in Treasure we are using Sonix. I’ll send you the link tomorrow. A good quality for a decent price.

Sure, let’s talk about the event proposal. Wednesday?

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wednesday quite busy, what about thursday?

Also haven’t heard back from 4wd event in NL, I’ll try again

But got some great leads through Paul that we can explore as well

Thursday works, 10AM? (Friday I am off).
Looking forward to see the interview

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yeah I could do that, tho I’ll prob be in my “active wear” as it’s right after teaching a private student backbends :smiley:

I’ll upload a raw version of the transcript first, and will work on making it into a shareable article in the coming days

I am good whenever in the morning, just pick an hour.


Bullet points from today’s call:

Women Automotive Network:

  • idea: bring one of their speakers to an event organised by Edgeryders concerning the CE in auto which incudes the diversity angle
  • @inge connects and asks them to join one of our events on CE engaging the consumers in the first place
  • Inge (and maybe Nadia too) participates to their November event, exploring the possibility to present Treasure in that context in the future (NB - the target audience and the speakers are hihg level, but in their mail they said to be open for our intervention - details and eventual costs yet to be understood)

Inge’s interviews

  • from the Paul’s transcript Inge prepares a summary article usable for engagement on the platform
  • we distill the different topics (into specific threads?) coming from the interview and follow the trail of interesting people and themes to see how to organise CE success stories events from that
  • once the transcript is clean, we try to build a conversation around it (and the topics above)
  • we organise an event with Paul

Circular Cars Initiative

  • Ivan prepares the summary of the reports
  • we connect them to Inge’s work and see how to proceed
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