Working out loud: what we agreed at the last community call

Hi everyone, yesterday we covered and agreed on the following:

  1. @gehan is already advanced with a process for collective sense making - the Harvesting sessions in each afternoon will be built up throughout the day by providing everyone with options for sharing what they learn… no matter how involved someone has been, how much they follow openvillage and so on, the 3 days we spend together will be worthwile in so far as everyone learns and shares, and this will be included in the Welcome, and repeated by @alex_levene during the days.

  2. @woodbinehealth are keeping a close eye on the program changes proposals and updating the spreadsheet in real time since other people’s work depends on that. @owen has made a first graphic version of the program! and we convinced him to take over all design efforts - a keyword being a Festival Zine (credit goes to @cindys for this idea everyone loved!) and won’t say more now :stuck_out_tongue: This means the lovely @Heba will take heading social media efforts.

  3. We agreed that the organising Teams each with a coordinator, should manage with minimal central coordination. We dont have time onsite for proper briefing in and across, so we are doing it online. Upcoming in our next practical countdown email: a checklist for each team and spreadsheet where everyone can add duties, equipment needed, and contact each other to agree on things.

  4. In Brussels myself and Natalia are managing venue options and equipment we still need - our two venues, La Serre and Au Quai (newsflash coming up), are both community spaces not ideally equipped for conferences: average Internet connectivity, average heating, average toilets etc. They more than compensate in their beauty and mission.

  5. Important: These are the last days people can claim accommodation/ travel support. If you havent asked for help already and expect Edgeryders to sort things for you, please do it now.

We are having our last community call before Brussels - next Wednesday at 18:00 Central Europe time in this google hangout. Join if you need support or have questions.

Staying in the loop,


@owen - what is a folder you are working from - where me, @gehan, @nadia can include things needed for styling and / or printing on site? Can you share it with us? Thanks!

@woodbinehealth can you please ping each session leader here and ask them to add their logistic needs on the spreadsheet? NB we have 2 projector rooms at a time, there is a room in each venue which has too much natural light to allow projecting…

hey @noemi - I’ve set up a folder ‘event marketing’ in the festival directory -

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