Join a team!

Hi Natalia! I’d like to help with the Urban Game!


Hello Natalia,

Please count me in for the urban games team.
I would be happy to be part of the food team as well, I’d love to prepare a Lebanese dish for you guys but need to guaranty that someone from your side can help me get the right ingredients.


Hello @DeniseJabbour!
Super, I am counting on you to the day 2 and/or Day 3 with the food. (would you like do work on both days or just one of them?) We will see about the recipes once we decide on the catering team, but if you have a brilliant and not too complicated recipe, please estimate quantity of ingredients for around 80 people and send me the details, and I will see what I can do about it;)

About the Urban game, I just received an email stating you’re arriving on the 19th in the afternoon - which is when the game is happening, therefore you won’t be able to help I am afraid.

Anyway, see you there very soon! and thanks for offering your help.

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Hello @natalia_skoczylas

I am so excited to join you during this event :smiley:

I would be happy to join the Photo Team as I have good skills in photography :slight_smile:

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Hello Natalia,

True, after checking your program, I noticed that I will be too late for the Urban Games : ((
I will be very happy to be part of the catering team and cook for both days. I’ll think of some easy recipes and share it with you once done.

@michael_dunn plans to bring equipment for recording podcasts. Don’t know if you want to add that to the photo/video?

Heyhey, I can take on Check in on Day 1 :slight_smile:

I can be in social media team

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I can also do check in on Day 1.

Can anyone help with a bit of design work for the program prints and festival materials?? unfortunately our lovely @susa who did the logos, stickers and first batch of visuals is busy beginning of october…
@owen you are probably swamped, but do you know anyone?

Also ping @DeniseJabbour @MurielAboulrouss @kate_g help!!

Hello :slight_smile: unfortunately I have no idea about designing or the skills and know how to do it :see_no_evil: Forgive me

I’ll ask around for someone free and willing to help with love :heart:

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Hey @natalia_skoczylas , just one quick question, do you have a camera or should I bring mine ? I have a small camera, it is not that professional but it still takes high resolution pictures.

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When do you need it by? Depending on how much there is, I can have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday.

hey @Sohayeb, please bring your camera - I only have a good smartphone :slight_smile: In case someone else brings a camera as well, maybe you can share, but for now I don’t know about that.

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can do.:smiley:

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Happy to join the party team! - Eugenia, School of Apocalypse

@natalia_skoczylas I’m happy to help out with :

  1. check in team one morning
  2. food team on the second day
  3. harvesting team one afternoon

Let me know how and when and I’ll be there < ^ >

@nabeel_p and @anique.vered hi, wondering if any one of you has experience running kitchens? should we be cooking during an evening, would you like to take charge or just help out? If not, our fallback option is @alex_levene in the lead - he’ll need to juggle some roles though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @noemi, lovely to hear from you. I think it best I help out in this instance as I’m new to the city and the network and have more experiencing being a part of team rather than leading cooking for large groups. At the same time I’ll all about collaborative leadership so if @alex_levene wanted to give us some tips before or from afar then I reckon we can work together to make tasty goodness <3

Also @noemi , do you have any idea what times we’ll be needed on day 1 yet? Just juggling various things myself.